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Chef Jet Tila Wife Allison Tila, Net Worth, Ethnicity, Nationality, Height.

Image of Chef Jet Tila Wife Allison Tila, Net Worth, Ethnicity, Nationality, Height.

Food Network’s Jet Tila, short for Tilakamonkul, is Thailand’s kitchen guru and culinary ambassador. He primarily specializes in Asian cuisines and has landed many roles on some shows on The Food Network.

It’s no secret that top-notch chefs come highly recommended and, as a result, demand high salaries. Tila is no exception, and that’s why we will examine his accomplishments regarding net worth.

However, the most significant milestone was marrying his wife, Allison Tila. Let’s now veer into the couple’s lives.

Chef Jet Tila is Married to his wife, Allison Tila. Kids?

A podcast revealed that Jet Tila had been dating his longtime girlfriend, Allison, whom he calls Ali. What’s funny about their love is that it blossomed in the harshest conditions. The chef was always working, and his girlfriend was miles away from him.

Their long-distance relationship finally reached its pinnacle when the chef proposed via text. Allison said yes, and they soon got married in Las Vegas, as you may have guessed. There was no honeymoon for them since they both returned to work a day after their wedding day.

Image of Jet Tila with his wife Allison Tila and his daughter Amaya Tila
Jet Tila with his wife Allison Tila and his daughter Amaya Tila

Fans don’t know this, but chefs’ wives get called ‘Restaurant Widows’ due to the long hours their husbands clock in at work. However, Jet Tila and his wife, Alison Tila, overcame the struggles and raised two beautiful kids. A daughter named Amaya and a son called Renny.

Jet Tila Net Worth.

The father of two isn’t your average dinner chef. Several sources quote Jet Tila’s net worth figure at approximately $3 million. Considering the average salary of a chef in the United States surpasses $45,000 and that of a TV cost at over $40,000, we can say his net worth is well deserved.

Image of Chef, Jet Tila net worth is $3 million
Chef Jet Tila net worth is $3 million.

The salary figures above shouldn’t be confused with the TV star’s real wages. No one knows how much he cashes in the bank per month, considering he has a ton of other sources of income. These include the fortune he has cranked up from his restaurant business.

Nevertheless, one of the significant sources comes from the shows he has hosted and co-hosted. Some of the top-rated programs include Iron Chef America, Chopped, Cutthroat Kitchen, Guys’ Grocery Games, and The Best Thing I Ever Ate.

Chef Jet Tila’s Ethnicity, Nationality, Parents.

The TV star was born in Los Angeles, making him American by blood. However, at a glance, you can tell Jet Tila belongs to the Asian ethnic group of Hainan people. To back this fact, his birth parents, Promote and Marasri, immigrated to the States during the early ’60s.

A short bio on Jet Tila’s wife, Allison Tila. Her career, parents

The mother of two has been secluded from the world of fame, and thus, pulling off vital information about her life and parents is almost non-existent. However, from her Twitter handle, we managed to dig up her career as a Managing Partner at Team Tila and pastry cook with hobbies like shoe shopping and make-up. You can interact with her via her Twitter handle @MrsJetTila.

Wiki-bio, height.

Full NameJet Tilakamonkul
Date of BirthFebruary 6th, 1975
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California
ProfessionChef, TV personality, and Restaurateur
Net worth$3 million
WifeAllison Tila
Height5 feet 7 inches
Zodiac signAquarius

Jet Tila is currently 43 years old, born on February 6th, 1975. After undergoing culinary training at Le Cordon Bleu and California Sushi Academy, he got’ Chef.’ However, this doesn’t mean he didn’t know how to cook before.

Moreover, his family can be associated with the establishment of the Bangkok Market and the first Thai Temple. It looks like he took after his parent’s overachievements when he ventured into cooking. The TV star stands at 5 feet 7 inches.


Jet Tila met his wife, Allison Tila while taking one of his classes at Sur La Table. His net worth of $3 million is mainly geared towards his family and kids.


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