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Nick Stellino, Net Worth. Meet his wife Nanci Stellino 2022.

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If you are a fan of cooking shows, then Nick Stellino is probably one of the first names that pop into your head whenever you think of celebrity chefs.

The man is exciting, controversial, flashy, and eccentric; there is never a dull moment once the camera starts to roll. You just can’t fight his charm; you’ll find yourself drawn into the world of the culinary arts. Read on to know Nick Stellino Net Worth.

Also, in this article, we will talk about his career, his passion, what drives and motivates the man.

We will also discuss his family, his beautiful wife Nanci, and their relationship. Does he have kids? Does he not? Read ahead to find out.

Nick Stellino Net Worth

Nick Stellino’s net worth is approximately $1-5 milion.

Image of TV Chef, Nick Stellino net worth is not available
TV Chef, Nick Stellino net worth is not available

Sources of income for Nick Stellino Net Worth.

The celebrity chef draws a significant amount of revenue from all the aforementioned cooking shows. He is entitled to a substantial amount of royalties from every one of them. Did you know that Nick is also an author? Some of his works include Cucina Amore, Nick Stellino’s Family Kitchen, Mangiomo! Let’s Eat! And Dine In.

He has partnered with significant publishing firms such as Putnam and Doubleday and is entitled to royalties from his published works. They are available for purchase at major retailers such as Barnes and Noble Online and

He makes regular appearances at popular food festivals around the United States: Boston Cooks, Seattle’s Festa Italiana, and the Aspen Food & Wine Festival, to name a few.

Stellino is also a highly sought-after motivational speaker with a prominent list of national clients such as Domino Sugar, Maurice Lacroix, Sears, Marriott Hotels & Resorts, all of who pay premium rates for his services.

Some of his tv shows are Nick Stellino: Storyteller in the Kitchen and Nick Stellino: Cooking With Friends.

Nick Stellino is married to wife Nanci Stellino. Kids?

Enough about Nick Stellino’s Net Worth. Now, time to meet Nick Stellino wife, Nanci Stellino. At 68, she is four years older than her husband. The pair tied the knot 38 years ago, and still going strong to this day. Nanci met her husband in 1981 when the two of them attended the same photography class.

His wife Nanci has never lost her passion for photography, evident by the numerous images she shares on her website, “Stellino Photography.”

Image of Nick Stellino with his wife Nanci Stellino.
Nick Stellino with his wife, Nanci Stellino.

The two do not have any children. They decided very early on to focus on their passions rather than start a family. It is a decision that paid dividends as both of have experienced a lot of success in their field of work.

The couple resides in Los Angeles, California, with two adorable cats, Luigi and Luca. Though the pair chose to focus on their careers rather than conceive, they remained very close with their extended family.

Did you know that Nick Stellino’s dad did not initially accept his decision to quit Wall Street to pursue his passion? It was, in fact, his wife Nanci who brought the pair together to break bread and settle their differences.

Nick Stellino Age, Height, Wiki-Bio.

Full name Nick Stellino
Age 63
Date of Birth May 1st, 1958
Place of Birth Sicily, Italy
Profession Television personality, author, business mogul
Net worth Undisclosed
Wife Nanci Stellino
Kids 0
Nationality Italian- American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Parents Vincenzo Stellino and Massimiliano Boccato.

Even from an early age, Nick possessed a passion for the culinary arts. His ambition, however, drove him to migrate to the USA in 1971, where he started a lucrative career as a Wall Street broker.

The chef’s love for cooking never waned, and in 1991, he left his stable job to pursue his lifelong dream.

Did you know that he started as a simple dishwasher? Right at the bottom of the culinary totem pole so to speak.

Again, he put his heart and soul into the tasks he was assigned and eventually found himself apprenticing with some of the best chefs in the country.

But this was not enough; he had a burning desire to share his enthusiasm for traditional Italian cooking with the rest of the world, and it drove him to seek out television production companies.

His hard work ultimately paid off, and he launched several renowned shows:  Cucina, Amore I, II, and III, Family Kitchen I, II, III, IV and V, and the PBS specials, Dinner Party and Food, Love & Family.


Regardless of his initial foray into finance, it is hard to imagine Nick Stellino as anything else other than a chef. It is his passion for the culinary arts which made the man he is today.


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