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Jeff Mauro Net Worth, Salary, Age, Meet his Wife Sarah Mauro.

Image of Jeff Mauro’s Wife Sarah Mauro, Net worth, Salary, Age.

One of the most decorated stars of the Food Network is the culinary expert Jeff Mauro. The fame comes from hosting Food Network’s Sandwich King and co-hosting The Kitchen.

However, he mostly received recognition for winning the seventh season of the Food Network Star competition. So what exactly did he win, and did it impact his salary and net worth in any way? For answers to these questions and more information like his age, be sure to stick around.

Jeff Mauro married to wife Sarah Mauro. Kids?

Besides his love for food, there is one thing Jeff probably can’t live without – his wife, Sarah Mauro. It may be due to the undying love he has for her but also from the little treats she serves him. This is what Jeff Mauro had to say when he got asked about his favorite snack.

“My wife, Sarah’s, homemade chocolate chip cookies served warm with a scoop of ice cream and whipped cream. Maybe some hot fudge and crushed cashews. Holy crap.”

Image of Jeff Mauro with his wife Sarah Mauro. and their kid
Jeff Mauro with his wife, Sarah Mauro. and their kid

Jeff and wife Sarah Mauro met sometime back and dated for years before tying the knot in 2005. The chef is usually secretive about his private life and doesn’t share most juicy stuff.

For instance, they have a son named Lorenzo, whose date of birth has not been revealed to date. We only know that they dated for a long time before starting a family of their own.

Jeff Mauro’s Wife Sarah Mauro’s bio and career

If there is one thing the Sandwich King doesn’t shut up about is talking about his wife when the food comes around. He flaunts his wife Sarah’s homemade recipes about the delicacies she makes for their family, and that’s just about it.

He knows not to reveal the critical stuff like her bio, career, and anything about her life. The only place you can get to know a little bit more about his wife and the mother of his son, Lorenzo, is through his Instagram. You’ll mostly find them in their Chicago home when they aren’t traveling.

Jeff Mauro usually uploads photos of the family’s vacations and little outings. However, Sarah Mauro has appeared in some of the shows alongside her husband. These include Sandwich King and The Mauro’s Magical Disney Vacation. She’s a natural in both acts, mainly because she plays her old everyday self.

Jeff Mauro’s Net worth and salary

According to recent research on his total assets, Jeff Mauro’s net worth and holdings stand at $2.3 million. This figure has been a progression of his sweat and hard work throughout his entire career.

Image of TV Personality, Jeff Mauro net worth is $2.3 million
TV Personality Jeff Mauro’s net worth is $2.3 million

While the network has not revealed the actual figure of Mauro’s salary, we do it it is substantially high. Considering he won the Food Network star competition, which gets the winner a $250K year job should give you a little estimation of how much he makes.

Jeff Mauro’s fortune is a culmination of the money he earns from television as a host and co-host of several highly rated shows. Moreover, he also gets some returns from incorporating some of Chicago’s most excellent restaurants into his performances. Let’s not forget his business and deli that he started with his cousin.

Wiki-bio, Age.

Full Name Jeff Mauro
Age 44
Date of Birth July 24th, 1978
Place of Birth Chicago, Illinois
Profession Chef, TV personality, and entrepreneur
Net worth $2.3 million
Salary Unknown
Wife Sarah Mauro
Kids Lorenzo
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Zodiac sign Leo

Jeff  Mauro was born to his mother, Pam, and father, Gus Mauro, on July 24th, 1978, making him of age 40. Jeff Mauro was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, next to Frank, Dana, and Emily. Jeff became the family star since his career is the only one that put his family name to fame.

He started pretty actively in his youth by engaging in summer programs and acting classes. After making his high school life worthwhile, he enrolled at Bradley University to pursue a degree in Communications.

After his graduation, Jeff Mauro did some jobs, like working nights in the production of Tony and Tina’s weddings. He also went to culinary school, where he furthered his mad chef skills.

The money he saved up got him to partner with his cousin to open up a deli where he was a chef during the day. He tried auditioning for the competition but got turned down thrice.

However, determined to win, he gave it one last try, and funnily enough, he got in and won its seventh season. As we all know, the opportunity turned out to be his big break.


Jeff Mauro has struggled to build his empire throughout his entire age and career. Now he can rest assured knowing his net worth and salary struggles are finally over.


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