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Willie Edwards Net Worth, Salary, Wife, Age, Wiki-Bio

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Image of William Willie Edwards Net Worth, Salary, Wife, Age, Wiki-Bio

Sometimes, the student outmatches the teacher, and that’s precisely what William Willie Edwards of Swamp People did. For the longest time, we had seen him next to his dad, Junior Edwards and even sometimes next to his mother, Theresa learning a thing or two about hunting alligators. However, now that he’s been on his own since the show’s seventh season, it’s time we get to know the young man. This article explores Williams’ Wiki-bio and highlights Swamp People Willie Edwards’ net worth, salary, age, and wife among other facts.

Who is Willie Edwards from Swamp People?

We were first introduced to the Edwards family on History Channel’s Swamp People. It’s a show that follows the lives of alligator hunters and the various challenges that they face trying to outwit and outmatch each other. Each team is handed tags that are used to count the number of their kills.

The show mostly consists of the Landry family with Troy and his sons Jacob and Chase as part of the main cast. However, oblivious to many people are various teams also made up of different alligator hunters with the Edwards family being one of them.

Image of William Willie Edwards with his father Junior Edwards
William Willie Edwards with his father Junior Edwards

Junior and his son Williams were often inseparable since the inception of the series in August of 2010. Occasionally they would also slot in his mother, Theresa who knows a lot more about hunting than most women. They would sometimes disagree and argue, but that was a teaching point.

His father, Junior finally felt he was well enough to continue on his own and left the series after they wrapped up the sixth season. Currently, young Williams has remained relevant battling gators and racking up the number of tags all on his own.

Swamp People Willie Edwards Net Worth.

Gator hunting was not always popular at first. However, since the show aired, it has got a lot of attention and inspired many to take it up as a career. The success of Swamp People set the ball rolling for spin-offs like Outback Hunters based in Australia with the same theme.

Image of Swamp People cast Willian Willie Edwards net worth is $500,000
Swamp People cast William Willie Edwards net worth is $500,000

Of course, the hunters do it within the legal constraints of wildlife laws. Credible sources put William Willie Edwards net worth at $500,000. Others emphasize that he shares it with his dad. Nevertheless, since they work as a unit, it’s a safe bet.

His dad may not be on screen with him but still organizes events as seen through their website. When it’s not alligator hunting season, the TV star fends off for himself by hunting crabs, crawfish, bullfrogs, wild deer, etc. which he sells to make a quick buck.

Willie Edwards is Married to a wife Sherrie Edwards.

Quite often, young Willie likes the attention to focus on his prowess in hunting the ferocious beasts. However, we represent those fans who find him attractive and often wonder if he is seeing anyone. That said, we hate to be the bearers of bad news, but the young reality star Willie Edwards is married to wife with kids.

Image of William WIllie Edwards wife Sherrie Edwards
William Willie Edwards wife Sherrie Edwards

Though Willie Edwards from Swamp People isn’t a chatterbox about his wife, we found out her name, Sherrie and their three kids. They have two sons named William IV and Landon with a daughter, Michaela. Information regarding the lovebirds – when and where they met –, as well as their wedding date, remains hidden to the general public. The family lives in their home in Bayou Sorrel, Louisiana.

William Willie Edwards Age, Parents, Family, Siblings, Wiki-bio, Facts.

Full name Williams Willie Edwards
Age Unknown
Date of Birth Undisclosed
Place of Birth Louisiana, USA
Profession Reality TV star, Gator hunter,  
Net worth $500,000
Wife Sherrie Edwards
Kids 3
Height Unknown
Weight Undisclosed
Zodiac Sign Not known.

You’re already familiar with Edwards’ parents. However, we had not brushed on the existence of his younger brother, Randy and an unnamed sister. He also forms part of the docudrama reality show and was also a huge player on Willie’s early life.

Image of William Willie Edwards from Swamp People show
William Willie Edwards from Swamp People show

Unfortunately, we don’t have the slightest inclination to his birthdate which corresponds to gaps in his age and bio. The same goes for the reality star’s academic background. However, there is one tiny detail that slipped through the barriers he put up surrounding his personal life.

At the age of about 8 or 9, young Edwards was engrossed in a game of blindfold with sister. Millennials call it the Bird Box Challenge. He chipped off his front teeth after a collision with the icebox and never got them filled. Later on in life, a doctor from a Lake Charles dental office, The Robinson Dental Group offered to restore his damaged teeth. He now walks around with a smile for ages.


William Willie Edwards can do fine without his father, both in hunting and maintaining his net worth. We’re only missing information on his childhood and age. Hopefully, we’ll get an update on that soon.

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