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Wayde King Net Worth, Wife Heather Raymer, House, Daughters, Family, Wiki-bio

Wayde King with his Wife

Wayde King, an American businessman and reality television personality grew up on Long Island, New York. He belonged to a family of fish dealers, and fishes had been an inevitable part of his childhood. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing and later on gained fame with the show ‘Tanked’ which featured on Animal Planet. Let’s find out Wayde King Net Worth, married life with wife Heather Raymer in wiki-bio.

His company Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM), served the expertise of serving in the world’s largest aquariums. They also helped people all over the world to install hundreds of acrylic viewing panels which are customized and eye-catching. ATM expertise in the production of custom made aquariums for capturing the beauty of living art through acrylic exhibits.

Wayde King Net worth is $5 Million. His House & Cars.

With a net worth of 5 million dollars, he is a successful entrepreneur with a passion for cars and a scuba diving enthusiast. His house is in Las Vegas which often featured on several shows and documentaries that were made on him. Wayde King’s House’s value is estimated to be around $600,000.

King used to own a car, Chrysler 300 which he sold at the Prestige Dealership as he purchased a brand new Chrysler 300 STR-8 which also featured in the episodes of ‘Tanked.’

Wayde King met his better half Heather Raymer when he moved to Las Vegas. Heather’s father Irwin first discovered in King his love for fishes. He partnered with Wayde and invested money in building up of various fish tanks and aquariums which garnered lots of profit.

Later on, Heather’s brother, Brett Raymer joined the business and together, they set up the Acrylic Tank Manufacturing. Wayde King served as the Chief Executive Officer, and Brett Raymer served as the Chief Operating Office. Wayde’s wife, Heather Raymer served as the chief accountant of this firm and his father in law, Irwin Raymer served as the office manager.

Through the show ‘Tanked,’ both Raymer and King gained immense popularity and became a household name. The entire show and the company had turned out to be a family business. A couple of regular staff are also there in association with Tanked, and they work like a close-knit unit.

Robert “Robbie Redneck” Christlieb served as the shop manager, and Agnes Wilczynski served as the sales coordinator. After the last season premiered in 2014, Animal Planet decided to organize a re-run of the show because of its huge popularity. The entire series was aired once again on Animal Planet with added text commentaries from the cast, and it was titled as ‘Tanked: Unfiltered.’  On every Friday, 10 PM the episodes were aired and the fourteenth season premiered on 8th June 2018.

Tanked Cast Wayde King is Married to Wife Heather Raymer since October 25th, 1997. Meet their Children: Daughters, Taylor King and Morgan King.

Now you know Wayde King’s Net Worth, now meet his wife Heather Raymer and know their married life.

At the age of 47, Wayde King is a successful entrepreneur and had earned a good fortune. Belonging to a white ethnicity with an average height, he is a famous face of the television world. He featured in Monster Garage in 2002 and America’s Cutest in 2009.

Tanked cast Wayde King tied the knot with his wife Heather Raymer on 25th October 1997. He has an extremely supportive wife, and his in-laws are his biggest strength. On meeting Heather, her entire family helped him set up Acrylic Tank Manufacturing and now Heather’s brother Brett Raymer is his endearing business partner.

Wayde King and wife Heather got married and went for their first honeymoon in Hawaii. They are high travel buffs, and they went on their second honeymoon to Mexico where they tried Wayde’s favorite sport of scuba diving.

Married for over twenty-one years, they are parents to two beautiful daughters – Taylor King and Morgan King. Both of them featured on various episodes of Tanked. Wayde King and Heather Raymer wish their children to carry on their father’s legacy in the future.


Enough about Wayde King’s Wife and  Net Worth, let’s talk about his career details.

When Wayde was 24 years old, he shifted to Las Vegas where he used to work for a company which dealt with manufacturing of aquariums and selling them off. He worked in this company for a couple of years and then, later on, moved on to setting up of his own form ‘Acrylic Tank Manufacturing.’

His business venture then went on to feature in the television series named ‘Tanked.’ It premiered on Animal Planet and was super successful among the audience. It aired its fourth season in 2014.

His Career Breakout.

The biggest show of Wayde King and Brett Raymer first premiered in 2011 and showed how they built a car theme tank, and Brett was nervous about his scuba skills. Later on, they avoided sleeping with fishes and his wife Heather had to walk through a shark tank. In the third episode, the business got a boost when a diner owner needed a tank to go with his interior décor, and the ATM team developed an octopus tank to surprise Wayde on his birthday.

The second season dealt with pinball-machine tank, tank for a tattoo parlor, deep freeze jellyfish tank and manufacturing a tank for Rock Legends kiss!
The third season featured with manufacturing a Houdini tank for Neil Patrick Harris, a treasure tank chest for Children’s Hospital and a vault tank for Florida Technology Company.
In the last season, they developed an RV aquarium for Jurassic Campground, a rocket ship tank and fire and the fish tank for student pub.

Through this show, Raymer and King got their best opportunity to develop tanks and aquariums which they love the most in front of a large scale audience. As they gained popularity, some of the worlds’ best companies approached them with projects.

They designed a high profile company with state of the art, cavernous facilities right in the heart of Sin City. Acrylic Tank Manufacturing created thousands of conceptual, enormous and well-designed aquariums for many of their high profile clients.

Family, Parents, Siblings

Wayde King’s biological father was a fish dealer, and therefore, King grew up at his place where he noticed lots of tanks installed in the basement for fishes. His parents got divorced, and at the age of 14, he used to clean all the aquariums at home with his stepfather Shelly. He had no siblings, and on shifting to Vegas, he met his wife Heather and married her. Now his family comprises of his father-in-law, brother-in-law, his wife, and two children.

Wiki-bio, Age, Birthday

Wayde King is an extremely hardworking person and never took anything for granted. He lived his dream and worked with utmost passion in every episode of ‘Tanked’. Wayde is physically very fit and never shied away from venturing into something new even if it was difficult beyond his limits. He made the dream of building fish tanks and aquariums into a reality.

Birth Name Wayde King
Born On September 19, 1969 (48 years)
Birthplace Long Island, New York
Birthplace Long Island, New York
Net Worth: #5 Million
Wife Heather Raymer
Age: 48 years

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