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Brett Raymer is Engaged To Long Time Girlfriend Trisha Chamberlain after Divorce From Ex-Wife, Melissa Bradford.

Image of Brett Raymer with his fiance Trisha Chamberlain and son.

While most celebrities go for dating a down to earth and unpopular partner with less media attention, others go for the A-Listers. Sometimes, it’s a strategy to boost their ratings. Other times, it is just plain old love. We take a look at Brett Raymer, a TV personality and businessman famous for being on the show, Tanked on Animal Planet. Find out more about his marriage and divorce from his ex-wife. Also get to know about his new girlfriend, age and net worth here.

Tanked cast Brett Raymer was married to Ex-Wife Melissa Bradford, Now They Are Divorced.

There’s a saying if you love something set it free, if it comes back it’s for real. The reality TV star had it all. A beautiful wife (Melissa Bradford) and two beautiful kids, a son and a daughter. Along the way, something didn’t feel quite right in the marriage, and he decided to leave. Instead of coming back, he found love again. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and take you through Raymer’s love journey.

On an unspecified date and time, Brett Raymer and Melissa Bradford decided to share the rest of their lives together. Melissa also grew up in Las Vegas, went to Galena High School before finally enrolling at the College of Southern Nevada.

Brett Raymer with Trisha Marie

The former power couple worked together at the family business, Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM). While she managed the office, the reality TV star co-owns the place. The duo welcomes their firstborn, a daughter named Kayla and a son named Bryce Raymer born on December 20th, 2006.

For unknown reasons, Brett Raymer and ex-wife Melissa separated with custody of the kids go to their father. It is still unclear if the two got divorced but they are seeing different people. Melissa’s Facebook status changed from married to in a relationship.

Brett Raymer Engaged to longtime Girlfriend Trisha Marie Chamberlain after divorce from wife Melissa Bradford

It was in June 2011 that Brett Raymer started dating girlfriend, Trisha Marie Chamberlain. While she may be the American sweetheart for spending time with Raymer’s kids, she is well experienced and has papers to back her up. She has worked as a realtor, sales consultant and now is the director of tours at ATM.

Brett Raymer and girlfriend Trisha Chamberlain’s love blossomed, and he proposed to her in October 2017 as seen on one of Trisha Marie Facebook posts where she shared a picture of her engagement ring. His fiance Trisha also has two kids from her previous relationship named Chandler and Dylan Chamberlain.

They all live together happily in Vegas. We can’t wait to have the details on their wedding. When Brett Raymer gets married to his then girlfriend now fiance Trisha Marie, we’ll let you know.


It’s still not clear if Brett Raymer and his wife Melissa Bradford finalized their divorce. One thing is clear though; he intends to go all the way with his new girlfriend and fiancé, Trisha Chamberlain. The 48-year-old not only lives with her but has also included her in the family business. It looks like the ATM guy does stand for his money and net worth.

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