Agnes Wilczynski Married to Husband? Her net worth, age, wiki-bio.

Fish business has always fetched a high price in the market. That’s why the cast of reality documentary series, Tanked on Animal Planet has chosen to make a career out of it. Don’t get it twisted, because this isn’t like any other fish business. They are more into fish aquariums and all about the design. Let’s take a look at one of the show’s stars named Agnes Wilczynski. Get to know more about her private affairs including Agnes Wilczynski’s husband, net worth, age and so much more here.

Is Agnes Wilczynski Married To Husband?

For most Hollywood based celebrities, their relationships are usually plastered all over social media. With uploads of weekend getaways and vacations on remote islands with their significant others. For Wilczynski is a different case. She does make her uploads especially on her Instagram but unlike most, her posts are mostly about her co-workers.

There is no information regarding Agnes Wilczynski’s husband or married life. As far as we are concerned, she is currently single and enjoying her life living solo. It’s either this or her husband must be some husband hunk she doesn’t want to share with the world. There are no records of her previous relationships either. For anyone reading this and has dated the 41-year-old blond, please update us.

So, to sum it up, Agnes Wilczynski is not married to husband, the tanked cast is single as of now.

Agnes Wilczynski Net worth, Salary.

The reality TV personality has had a successful run in her career. Seven years are her most prominent years in the industry. Gracing our screens since 2011 in the show Tanked has definitely helped her increase her financial status.

Agnes Wilczynski

However, Agnes Wilczynski’s net worth is unknown. Just like her marital status, she has been reluctant to reveal her salary as well. Speculations shoot her fortunes over the million-dollar bar since that’s what her co-stars are worth. Being a main cast member, it’s expected that she earns just as they do or maybe even higher.

Most of her net worth has been accumulated from her time on the show. Breaking down into the specifics, the supposed millionaire works as an estimator and coordinator at Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM). This is the largest aquarium manufacturer in the US handling aquarium designs in highly rated hotels and casinos as well as personal clientele, for the right price.

According to some online sources Agnes Wilczynski’s net worth is $300,000 and receives the yearly salary of $50,000 from “Tanked”


While getting to know her a little bit more, the celebrity did have a life before all the glamour and fame. Originally from Poland, she came to America in search for new life and got it in Las Vegas where she grew up.

The Tanked star lived in Vegas while working as a hair designer. Another odd job she did was working at a Ferrari dealership selling cars. It actually here that she found connections to star in the series currently garnering millions of viewers across the globe.

The 41-year-old Agnes Wilczynski is tasked with helping bidding quotes for ATM as well as well scheduling new dealers and designers. She started off the job as a sales representative for ATM. Always bringing the fun to work and a little bit of humor to the team are some of the few reasons why she is the fan favorite. The TV personality has worked with other famous TV stars like Neil Patrick Harris, Tracy Morgan, Bart Scott among others to deliver their fish aquariums at their private homes.

Agnes Wilczynski and Brett Raymer married? or just rumors.

For someone who’s always concealing her private life, there are always bound to be rumors. They are also always very nasty and very controversial. Since she’s always uploading about her colleagues, she was rumored to be romantically linked to co-star Brett Raymer. If that’s not enough, the allegations stated that the two had been previously married and got divorced.

Brett Raymer

This is actually a lie since Agnes Wilczynski is not married to Brett Raymer or anyone. Brett Raymer is in a relationship, but not to her. Her co-star Brett Raymer is engaged to the longtime girlfriend now fiance, beautiful Trisha Chamberlain and has been since 2011. There has never been any relationship between the two co-stars. In fact, Brett sees her as his baby sister, even for someone her age.

The 41-year-old might as well belong to the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) group. She has never revealed any news about her sexual orientation neither have any of her past dating experiences surfaced.

So, to sum it up, Brett Raymer and Agnes Wilczynski are not married. She is single.

Her wiki-bio, age.

Name Agnes Wilczynski
Age 41
Date of Birth May 17th, 1977
Place of Birth Poland
Profession TV personality
Net worth Under review
Husband None
Kids None
ethnicity White

Agnes Wilczynski is 41 years old.

The Tanked estimator was born on May 17th, 1977 in Poland and given the name Agnes Jadwiga Wilczynski. Polish by birth, she flew to America with her brother Arthur in search of a fresh start in the land of opportunity. Oblivious to many, it was a one-way ticket with no going back. Eventually, she got her American Citizenship and made it a place to call home.

Speaking of home, the actress has two siblings, Arthur and Sheryl Wilczynski. She is very close to them both as seen through her uploads where she hangs out with them. Not much is known about her early life and education since she came to America before she even hit puberty.

An educated guess would mean that she completed her education in America even though she hasn’t revealed the exact institutions. While living in Vegas, she made ends meet by working as a hair designer and later as a car salesperson where she met Wayde King, the co-owner of ATM. He wanted to buy a Porsche and having been impressed with her sales skills, he offered her a job as a sales coordinator for his firm.


Despite all the rumors, Agnes Wilczynski has no husband. She may as well have a family hidden safely away from the press with no one’s knowledge. In just a span of 7 years, she has managed to make millions. Or at least that’s what our rough estimate of her net worth is. Hopefully, with time, the exact figure will be known.


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