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Troy Aikman Net Worth, Salary, Age, Height. 2022

Image of Troy Aikman Net Worth, Salary, Age, height.

Once Dallas’ most eligible bachelor and former NFL superstar, Troy Aikman, is no longer in the market. If you are a sports fan, you’d know his contribution to The Dallas Cowboys. He single-handedly guided his team to win three Super Bowls plus many more championships.

In-kind, he received a hefty paycheque which we get to highlight. So for more on his net worth, salary, age, height, be sure to stick around till the end.

Troy Aikman Net Worth, Salary Details.

According to relevant sources, Troy Aikman’s net worth stands at $65 million, whereas his annual salary comes at $18 million.

His fortune is mainly a result of his entire career as an athlete. However, we cannot also ignore that he is a wise investor.

Image of American Football Player, Troy Aikman net worth is $25 million
American Football Player, Troy Aikman net worth is $65 million

Troy’s $50 million contracts and $11 million signing bonus at Dallas Cowboys may have contributed to his net worth. But that was during his time as a Quarterback for over a decade. What about after his retirement?

Well, the athlete currently works on Fox as a sportscaster and commentator. At the same time, he became a partner for IDLife, and Wingstop, a restaurant he holds shares with.

Other sources include his wealth as part of the owners of The San Diego Padres and co-owning the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team.

House and cars.

Now that you know about Troy Aikman’s salary and total worth, you can guess this football coach lives a lavish life in a big house with a vast garage to park his luxury cars.

With all the money he racked up from his ventures, Aikman bought a house in 2013 for $4.25 million in Dallas’s Highland Park area. The 10700 square feet home featured three floors, a home theatre, five bedrooms, a pool, and even its waterfall.

He sold the place for $5.4 million in the year 2015.

Image of Commentator, Troy Aikman house
Commentator, Troy Aikman house

Being a millionaire also comes with its perks regarding cars.

With his investment tendencies, he managed to venture into the automobile industry and sold car brands like the Jeep Eagle, Plymouth, Chevrolet, Ford, and Chrysler.

Troy Aikman TV Shows, Career details

We all know he played professional football for The Dallas Cowboys professionally since 1989, but that was not the beginning of his career.

The sportscaster was a football player back in college at the University of Oklahoma and UCLA and even further back in high school.

What’s remarkable about Troy is his accomplishments. Troy was the first overall pick in the NFL draft, and he didn’t disappoint.

For 12 seasons, he made his mark in the NFL, winning his team three Super Bowls while he appeared in six Pro Bowls selections. These earned him the title MVP for the 27th annual super bowl and his induction into the College Football Hall of Fame.

When he retired from professional football, he got a job as a sports commentator on NFL Thursday Night Football. Other appearances include guest appearances on shows like Rachael Ray, A Football LifeMike & Mike, etc.

Troy Aikman Age, birthdate. How old is he?

The NFL superstar was born on November 21st in the year 1966. He is currently 55 years of age with his Zodiac sign as that, Scorpio.

Troy Aikman Height.

Being a quarterback requires some critical features in natural physique, with one of the most important being arm strength and height. Luckily, Troy had both.

He stands at 6 feet 4 inches and weighs about 221 lbs. with an athletic body.

Image of Announcer, Troy Aikman height is 6 feet 4 inches
Announcer, Troy Aikman height is 6 feet 4 inches


Full Name Troy Kenneth Aikman
Age 55
Date of Birth November 21st, 1966
Place of Birth Flint, Michigan
Profession Former NFL Quarterback, TV personality
Net worth $65 million
Wife Capa Mooty
Kids 2
Height 6 feet 4 inches
Weight 221 lbs
Zodiac sign Scorpio

The DC quarterback was born Troy Kenneth Aikman in Flint, Michigan, but raised in Cerritos, California.

Later on, in life, his family moved to Oklahoma and dragged him along. As a result, he attended Henryetta High School, graduated with All-State Honors.

Colleges like the University of Oklahoma approached him and gave him career-altering opportunities, which he maximized to the fullest.

He tried out and got the starting QB position, but after a few ankle injuries got replaced. It was here that he transferred to UCLA to begin his football career. The rest of there is history.


Troy Aikman was among the highest-paid quarterbacks in NFL during his time and, with good measure, reflected on Troy Aikman’s net worth. At age 55, he hasn’t lost his stature with a height of 6’4″.

After his divorce from ex-wife Rhonda Worthey, he is married to his current wife, Capa Mooty.

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