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Rick Neuheisel Net Worth, Salary, Wife, Age, Wiki-Bio. 2022

Image of Rick Neuheisel Net Worth, Salary, Wife, Age, Wiki-Bio.

There are legends of the game, and then there is this man, Rick Neuheisel. His name is synonymous with college football. Rick is an institution, fondly remembered both for his playing days and his coaching career off the pitch. The former player is lauded as a hero. In this article, we will examine his life, age, net worth, salary, and his wife. How old is Rick? Who is Mrs. Neuheisel? When did he start playing football? When did he start coaching? These are but a few of the questions we will look to answer.

Rick Neuheisel Net worth, Salary.

 According to various credible reports, Rick Neuheisel’s current Net worth is $7 million. Moreover, in 2011, reports suggested that the coach raked in $1,285,000 in earnings.

The former player has had a relatively successful coaching career, so it’s safe to assume that his value went up. Neuheisel has accumulated most of his net worth from his time as a football coach. We also have to remember that prior to his stint on the technical bench, Rick also had a run in the NFL. Football players are in the top ten percent when it comes to earnings, so Rick must have been raking in quite a lump sum in regards to salary. Presently, the former coach earns his income from being a sports analyst. Television personalities are also known to be top earners in regard to salary.

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Rick Neuheisel says football teams need only one month to be ready to play  -

Rick Neuheisel Houses, Cars

Neuheisel has owned a number of properties. In 1999, Neuheisel and his wife paid $4.2 million for a house in Medina, which they later sold in 2004. In 2008, the former coach bought a 6,000-square-foot Cape Cod-inspired mansion in Bel-air.

Image of Sports Analyst, Rick Neuheisel house

Sports Analyst, Rick Neuheisel house

The former coach leads a relatively private life, avoiding the limelight. There are no reports about the cars which he regularly drives.

Rick Neuheisel Career info.

Neuheisel has had a career both as a football player and coach. His exploits in high school earned the former player a call-up to UCLA. One of the highlights of Rick’s football college career was leading his team to a Rose Bowl victory against Illinois in 84.

The former player was not selected during the draft when he turned pro and instead signed for the San Antonio Gunslingers. However, Rick’s time there was relatively short, spanning only five weeks. From there, Neuheisel went on to sign for the San Diego Chargers as a standby player. Did you know that the former player started coaching while he was still playing?

Football Coach Rick Neuheisel worked as an assistant coach while still at UCLA. Neuheisel’s first stint as a head coach came in 1994 with Colorado, and he stayed there for four years. By 1999, at the peak of his career, Rick found his way to Washington. The former player led his team to Rose Bowl glory, becoming the first former MVP to coach a winning team.

Looking back: Rick Neuheisel triumphant in CU Buffs debut – BuffZone

Rick’s career took a turn for the worst in 2003 when he was let go in the midst of a gambling scandal. After floating around for a few years, he went back to coach his former college, UCLA, before eventually moving on to broadcast journalism.

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In 2011, the former player joined CBS as a guest analyst. By 2015, Rick got a permanent job with them as a college football analyst on the network.

Rick Neuheisel Married to Wife Susan Nee Wilkinson.

Rick Neuheisel is married. His wife’s name is Susan Née Wilkinson. The happy couple has three children together: Jerry, Joe, and Jack. All three of their sons are actively involved in football. Susan has been very supportive of both her husband’s and children’s career. She is both a loving wife and a caring mother.

Image of Rick Neuheisel with his wife Susan Neuheisel

Rick Neuheisel with his wife Susan Neuheisel

Rick Neuheisel Age, Parents, Family, Siblings, wiki-bio, facts.

Full name Richard Gerald Neuheisel, Jr
Age 61 years old.
Date of Birth February 7th, 1961
Place of Birth Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Profession Football analyst, former player, and coach
Net worth $7 Million
Wife Susan Née Wilkinson
Kids 3
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Parents Richard Gerald Neuheisel and Jane Jackson

 Rick Neuheisel was born on the 7th of February, 1961 to parents Richard Gerald Neuheisel and Jane Jackson in Madison, Wisconsin. This makes him 61 years old at the moment. The former football player grew up with three sisters, Nancy, Katie, and Deborah.

Rick proved to be very athletic, right from the onset, taking up three sports at once when he was young. He dropped the other two to focus on football, and never looked back.


Controversial, successful, unpredictable, all three words describe Rick’s career. Never one to shy away from controversies, the man has always kept us entertained.

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