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Frank Solich Net Worth, Salary, Wife, Age, Wiki-Bio 2022

Image of Frank Solich Net Worth, Salary, Wife, Age, Wiki-Bio

Frank Solich is an American football coach for Ohio University’s football team since 2005 and has shown exemplary work since then. However, the Ohio Bobcats isn’t the only team Solich has coached over the years.

That said, we took the liberty to jot down a few things about his career you may not have had a clue about. Furthermore, this piece also encompasses the finite details on his net worth, salary, age, and marriage to his wife, Pamela

Frank Solich’s net worth, Salary.

The Ohio Bobcats head coach lives breathe and sing everything football. It has been part of him since he was a teenager in high school. When he’s barking up commands or formulating new strategies for the team, it’s all out of the experience.

As we speak, he has over five decades’ worth of coaching experience making it the backbone of financial success. However, when it doubles down to the exact numbers, Frank Solich’s net worth estimations and salary figurehead are unknown.

Image of American Football Player, Frank Solich net worth is not available

American Football Player, Frank Solich’s net worth is not available

He likes to keep most of his life’s trademarks private. Nevertheless, we dug up some of his contracts with the University that guarantee him an annual salary of over $445K. Not to mention the bonuses he gets from the awards and athletic incentives.

Career Info

Frank used to play as a fullback on Nebraska’s Cornhuskers football team upon graduation from high school. The guy is a legend and went by the name ‘Fearless Frankie.’ He’s the first Nebraska Husker to get a snippet on Sports Illustrated Magazine.

However, the former Nebraska fullback began his professional career as a High School head coach. He sieved young athletes and cultured their talents at the Omaha Holy Name High School for two years. Solich later got transferred to Lincoln Southeast high where he worked with the youngsters for over a decade.

About a year later, he made strife and climbed up the ranks to become the running backs coach for Nebraska for 19 years since 1979. It was upon the retirement of Tom Osborne, the head coach at the time that the former fullback got promoted to head coach in 1998. He served for six years and landed his current job at Ohio University in 2005.

Image of Football Coach, Frank Solich

Football Coach, Frank Solich

Fearless Frankie has a head coaching record of 164-94 have won the Big 12 Championship in 1999 and the Big 12 North Division. Other achievements include earning the Big 12 Coach of the Year twice in 1999 and 2001 while with Nebraska. Moreover, he was also named the Home Depot Coach of the Year in 1999 and the Mac Coach of the Year in 2006 while under Ohio’s team.

Frank Solich Married to a wife? Or dating a girlfriend? Any Kids

The story of how the head coach met his significant other is a story only he can tell best. Mostly because we don’t have the tiniest inclination of the actual accounts of his love affair with his wife, Pamela Wieck. The same goes for their two kids; Cindy and Jeff Solich.

Pamela or Pam for shorts is a city girl who hails from Beatrice, Nebraska. Not only does she support her husband and his career but is also a huge fan of the sport. On the other hand, she’s doesn’t go big on social media. In fact, neither does her husband with only 7878 followers on Twitter.

Frank Solich Age, Parents, Family, Siblings, Wiki-bio, Facts.

Full name Frank Thomas Solich
Age 77
Date of Birth September 8th, 1944
Place of Birth Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Profession Head coach, and former American football player
Net worth Under review
Wife Pamela Wieck
Kids 2
Height 6 feet
Weight 174 lbs
Zodiac Sign Virgo

Fearless Frankie was born on September 8th, 1944 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania as Frank Thomas Solich. There is no reliable information on his parents or siblings if any. Even though he is currently at age 74 and successful, the had much growing up to do back in the day.

He was raised in Cleveland, Ohio, and attended Holy Name High School where he used to play football. However, his height of 5’7’’ and weight of 153 lbs cost him multiple opportunities. The University of Nebraska where he got his collegiate career offered great tidings after the coach; Bob Devaney took him in.

Image of Frank Solich height is 6 feet

Frank Solich’s height is 6 feet


Frank Solich has made remarkable strides as a University coach. Though we may not know how much his net worth is, his achievements alone are reason enough to celebrate him.

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