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 Tarek El Moussa Thyroid Cancer: Current Health Update.

Known for being the beloved host of HGTV’s renovation show “Flip or Flop,” Tarek El Moussa recently welcomed his son, Tristen El Moussa, with partner Heather Rae Young.

The youngest baby El Moussa was born on January 31st, 2023.

While the TV star said it was the happiest moment in his life, he also reflected on the time when he hit “rock bottom.” If you are a fan of Tarek or his shows, you must know that he had Thyroid Cancer in 2013.

During an interview, he mentioned that he had no idea about the disease until he received an email from an unknown person. Hereafter, he discovered that the email was sent by a nurse who had spotted a lump on El Moussa’s thyroid while watching “Flip or Flop,” and had asked him to visit the doctor soon.

After reading the email, the TV star said his heart felt cold and booked the doctor’s appointment for the next day. After consultation with the doctor, he found he had stage 3 thyroid cancer. So, he underwent an operation to remove his thyroid and other lymph nodes.

However, 2013 was probably the scariest and worst year for the TV star. While being treated for his thyroid cancer, he also found that he had testicular cancer in the same year.

Luckily, after years of treatment, Tarek became cancer free in 2019. He shared his joy with his fans through his Instagram, where he wrote a long message alongside his picture. He mentioned how he was sick throughout his time on “Flip or Flop.” But despite having extreme migraine headaches and nausea, the actor remained dedicated to his work.

Additionally, Tarek revealed that he had undergone two surgeries and received radioactive treatment after battling two different forms of cancer in the same year.

Finally, he ended the post by saying, “Today I got the best news ever… I’m cancer free, and I’m healthier than ever!!! This makes me so happy, not for me but for my babies. I have to be healthy and alive for them!! (I’m tearing up writing this).”

In an interview, Tarek expressed his appreciation for the nurse and stated that he might not have been able to give the interview if she had not sent the email.

Regarding his current health status, the TV star has adopted a healthy lifestyle by entirely quitting smoking and drinking. As a result, he is currently healthy and satisfied with his life.

Signs and Symptoms of Thyroid Cancer

Cancer that is caused after unwanted and infectious cells grow in the thyroid gland is known as Thyroid cancer.

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, thyroid cancer is more common in females, with about 33,000 women getting the disease, while 12,000 men get thyroid cancer every year.

This cancer is very rare, and people aged between 35 to 39 years are mostly affected.

Now, lets; ‘s have a look at some of the common signs and symptoms of thyroid cancer;

  • A lump is felt or even seen in your neck.
  • Sudden change in your voice.
  • Discomfort in the neck.
  • Difficulty or pain while swallowing
  • Persistent cough without any symptoms of cold
  • Weakness
  • Sudden weight gain or weight loss
  • Difficulty in breathing

Which Lymph Nodes Swell with Thyroid Cancer?

During Thyroid Cancer, the cervical lymph node gets swollen.

As per Cancer. Net lymph nodes around the neck, including the paratracheal, paratracheal and laryngeal, are affected during thyroid cancer.

You may feel the swollen lymph glands in your throat below your jaw. This lymph commonly gets swollen when a person has a cold or sore throat. However, if one feels the lymph for long without suffering from a cold, they should seek medical advice.

Likewise, as per NHS information, people with thyroid cancer usually have a lump or swelling at the front of their neck, right below their adam’s apple.

What Does Thyroid Cancer Look like on an Ultrasound?

Ultrasound is performed to diagnose thyroid cancer by determining the location, shape, size, and amount of thyroid nodules.  The test will also determine if the nodules are solid or liquid.

Generally, thyroid cancer ultrasound may show ill-defined margins and irregular shapes. The texture of the nodules may also appear different, i.e. heterogeneity in the nodules, small bright dots could be seen, which is known as microcalcification, denoting calcium deposits.

Likewise, there may also appear to be an invasion of adjacent organs. Finally, the cancerous nodules may appear more vascular on ultrasound.

However, the ultrasound may vary depending on the types and stages of cancer.

Thyroid Cancer Surgery

Surgery is the primary treatment for thyroid cancer; however, there are different types of surgeries, according to the American Cancer Society;

  • Thyroidectomy: It is the most common type of thyroid cancer surgery in which the infected person’s thyroid gland is removed. When a person’s whole gland is removed, the procedure is known as a total thyroidectomy; however, if only some parts of the glands remain, the procedure is known as a nearly total thyroidectomy.

A person must regularly consume thyroid hormones after the process.

  • Lobectomy: It is a procedure in which the isthmus and the lobe with cancer cells are removed. This method is usually performed to remove tiny, non-multiplying tumours.

A person may require thyroid hormone after this surgery.

  • Lymph Node Removal: This operation is frequently performed on individuals with medullary thyroid or anaplastic thyroid cancer. The lymph glands (nodes) in the necks are removed here.

In the situation of follicular or papillary cancer, however, just the enlarged lymph nodes containing cancer cells are removed, and other tiny cancer cells are treated with radioactive iodine.

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