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5 Celebrities Criminal Records. You Might Find This Hard To Believe.

No one is above the law, however rich or famous. Various celebrities have found themselves in great trouble with the authorities, primarily for drunk driving, among other charges. Below are various celebrities who have had criminal records over the years.

Bill Gates.

Bill Gates, the owner of Microsoft, found himself in trouble with the cops for lacking a driving license and, at the same time, driving at a very high speed which could have put him at risk of a car accident.

After investigations, it was found that Bill Gates was driving under the influence of alcohol. Thus, he wasn’t even aware of speed limits.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates was taken into custody following charges of drunk driving, over-speeding, and failure to respect a stop sign. Bill Gates didn’t stay behind bars for long. He bailed himself out and is now a free man who religiously respects the law.

Mike Tyson.

The World Boxing Champion title holder pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting an eighteen-year-old in Washington and was put on a ten-year jail sentence but was set free after two years for good conduct.

Mike Tyson

In 1997, Mike Tyson was again at war with the law for biting off his colleague’s ear during a boxing league after getting angry at him for intentionally knocking his head.

This led to the loss of his boxing license because the authorities were not so sure he could continue boxing safely with his hot temper. Mike Tyson was, however, able to defend his boxing license back after a period of a thorough investigation.

Stephanie Pratt.

Stephanie Pratt.

Television star, famous for featuring on MTV on the show “The Hills” as her brother’s (Spencer Pratt) co-star.

Steffanie Pratt broke the law in 2006 for walking away with designer wear worth thousands of dollars from a shop under the influence of hard drugs.

In 2009, she was again put behind bars for drunk driving on her way from a relative’s birthday party. Stephanie Pratt was released a few hours later after paying a bail fee of $5000.

50 cent.

50 Cent

In 1994, 50 Cent was detained for having illegal narcotics. He served a three to nine years jail sentence but ended up going for only six months. He was known for being a famous American rapper, artist, and thriving business person.

50 cent decided to quit drug trafficking to venture into music, but his legal issues didn’t end at that. He was arrested for handling illegal weapons outside a nightclub.

In 2005, Lastonia Leviston (Rick Ross’ lover) sued 50 cents for posting an intimate video online. The court ordered 50 Cent to pay her $7000.

Tim Allen.

Tim Allen.

American actor and comedian famous for acting Tim “The Tool man” on Home found himself in trouble with the Kalamazoo/ Battle creek’s airport authorities for trafficking 650 grams of cocaine in the early 1970s.

He gave out names of his fellow drug traffickers, and his jail term was shortened. In 1997, he was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and taken to a rehab center following a court order.

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