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Sue Aikens Hospitalized: Concerned fans want to know what happened.

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Image of Sue Aikens' latest Instagram post about her health status

The regular viewers of “Life Below Zero” were all excited for the 21st season of the hit National Geographic show as it is set to premiere on 4 September 2023. But, their happiness didn’t last long when the cast member Sue Aikens’ hospitalized photograph came across among her fans on Tuesday.

Aikens is one of the main reasons behind the popularity of Life Below Zero. Since 2013, she has been regularly on the survival show and has impressed everyone with her unique sense of humor and courageous determination to battle against the hardest chilly weather.

Sue Aikens Health Issues As of 2023

Image of Sue Aikens' latest Instagram post about her health status
Sue Aikens’ latest Instagram post about her health status

On 11 July 2023, Sue Aikens shared a series of photos of herself on Instagram; one in a hospital bed, and it worried her followers. Many are curious to know what happened to the fans’ favorite.

In that Instagram post, Aikens could be seen lying in a hospital bed wearing a medical gown. Although the 60-year-old producer didn’t mention what actually occurred, she shared being back on track.

Sharing her photographs, she also talked about the good and bad phases of her life. She wrote in the caption, “The ups and downs of life…I live life with Zest, but sometimes we are forced to slow our roll.”

Further, she added, “Almost back in balance and headed to SE Ak to fish with @perilsky and friends, then a special few days with Knox @v8ranch in Kavik! Cabin life is good.”

Quickly, Susan’s well-wishers made it to the comment section of that post, praying for her speedy recovery. One Instagram user wrote, “Sue, hope everything is okay with your health, I so admire you. Love the cabin.”

Another one penned, “Hospital?!? Why? Whatever it is, you will prevail. You’re a strong woman. Praying for a speedy and complete recovery.”

Her past accidents and injuries

Image of an article about Sue Aikens' lawsuit

At the end of 2017, Sue Aikens claimed she sustained injuries while being forced to shoot in dangerous situations for fictitious narratives.

During that time, Aikens sued the show’s producers who she alleged were being verbally rude and threatening her and other cast members.

Based on a legal case filed in the U.S. District Court in Anchorage, the producer asked Sue to drive her snow machine at a high speed. Per the civil complaint, the survivalist was made to wait for medical assistance even after the serious injury, just to capture the desirable footage.

She filed a lawsuit over an accident related to the shooting of episode five of  “Life Below Zero” (season 2), which premiered between June to December 2015.

A Bear Attacked Sue Aikens In 2007

Image of Sue Aikens after the bear attack

The Chicago-born hunter has firsthand experience of a male grizzly bear attack at the age of 44. Fortunately, she had training on her side that ultimately saved her life.

Before Sue managed to escape, she was thrown around by the bear. As a result, her hips were torn from their sockets, and the bear’s teeth got all around her head that they had been torn severely

When hiding from the bear, she was aware that the grizzly knew about her whereabouts because of their sense of smell. With the injuries, however, she was powerless to protect herself. Thankfully, someone discovered her after 10 days, who protected her and made her recover.

In 2018, she shed nearly 75 pounds of her weight due to the struggle with her old wounds. In an early conversation with Monsters & Critics, she stated, “I’ve decided that there’s enough time in between the different injuries and the parts of my body that needed to heal that I could really push and start getting in shape.”

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