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What Happened to Erik Salitan and His Wife Martha Salitan? Did they Leave? Are they still on the Show? (2022)

Erik Salitan

Luxury and comfort are a priority for people of all status; rich or poor. Forget about not being able to afford it but many people chose to look over them preferring to live in nature rather the safety of 4 walls. People like Erik Salitan who tends to embrace living in the ultimate extreme lifestyle in Alaska. Learn how he is leading the family life alongside his wife Martha Mae Salitan through the show ‘Life Below Zero’ and find out if he has left the show or not?

Erik Salitan Married to Wife Martha Salitan

Erik Salitan is one of the handful characters featured in the hit National Geographic feature ‘Life below Zero.’ The show centers Sue and several other local residents of the frigid Alaskan state and their struggle in the harsh environment for basic survival and livelihood.

One of them also includes the guide and hunter Erik Salitan. If you follow him or his show then you will know he is married to long-time wife Martha Salitan. Both of them bring certain youth vibrancy to the show that is otherwise filled with veterans like Sue Aikens.

Even though the ‘Life Below Zero’ shows the daily lives of Erik Salitan and his wife Martha Mae Salitan we do not know the exact details of their married life. We do know that once upon a time Martha used to be his girlfriend. We remember him telling the story of how he proposed to Martha in an unaired deleted scene of ‘Life Below Zero’.

He had been getting eaten up for weeks after buying the ring and thinking of the right time and right moment. He had thought of a brilliant plan to tie the ring on the end of a tip-up they used for ice-fishing.

Erik Salitan with his wife Martha Mae Salitan
Caption:- Erik Salitan with his wife Martha Mae Salitan

Erik knew his current wife Martha was big on ice-fishing and forced her to check the tip-up for fishes. It was easier said than done as Martha would simply discard it 3 times in a row until like people say 3rd time is the charm as he finally managed to shine his light on the ring to make it noticed by Martha.

After some time they got married and they even recently had a son together named Lucas Salitan.

Did Erik Salitan Leave the Show? What happened to Erik Salitan and his wife Martha On Life Below Zero.

Erik Salitin like we said is a very crucial addition to the show ‘Life Below Zero’ along with his wife and son. Many of his fans were very curious and even infuriated to not see Erik Salitan anymore without so much as an explanation.

So what is really happening with Erik, has he left the show or is he just taking time off? While we are not sure of the reason he has been missing from the show there is a very good chance that he would soon return to the show.

According to a Facebook post where a fan questioned the whereabouts of Erik, Sue Aikens answered it saying that he will return in an episode later in the 2015 season.

Bio and Career

Eric Salitan was just a normal 18-years-old kid until he finally recognized his purpose as to explore the beauty and thrill of the Alaskan wilderness instead of working like a robot.

Posted by Life Below Zero on Thursday, May 21, 2015

Eric Salitan is currently 29 years of age and lives in Alaska as a guide and pilot. He often mentions how he may not have been born in Alaska but he will certainly die here.

Unlike Erik, his wife Martha was born and raised in Alaska. Erik Salitan has been a registered guide with more than 16 years of guiding experience. He is a member of several hunting associations.

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  1. I have been watching Life Below Zero ever since it came on the air. Needless to say I really enjoy the show and look forward to each new episode. I would like to Eric and his wife Martha back on the show. Also what is it with Jesse. Was he added as comic relief. How he can survive in those conditions with how he is prepared is beyoud me. His boat leaks like a sieve,, the motor doesn’t run, his fish wheel is falling apart, his fish storage racks fall down and everything is buried in snow, etc. I know he is doing a much better job than I could under those conditions, but that is not saying much.

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