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What is Glenn Villeneuve Doing now? Why was he fired from LBZ?

Image of Glenn Villeneuve

Glenn Villeneuve is an experienced hunter, survival expert, social media, and television personality. If you are fan of National Geo, then Glenn’s face is one you are familiar with.

Villeneuve was one of the very first people to be brought on to Life Below Zero when the show first aired nearly a decade ago. Moving on from television, Glenn would also try a hand in business, investing in several local properties.

Moreover, he has also appeared in numerous podcasts, which, give him the platform to talk about his time in Alaska. Find out what Glenn Villeneuve is doing now.

Glenn Villeneuve as Life Below Zero Cast

With more than 70 episodes under his belt, Glenn Villeneuve remains one of the most recurring cast members of Life Below Zero. He first appeared back in 2013, when the series originally premiered. Since then, Glenn would feature on 11 subsequent seasons.

Throughout his run on the show, Glenn has featured in several key moments. Back in the 2nd season, for instance, fans watched as Glenn took on a harrowing trip across the wilderness without supplies.

Another key moment on the show came during the seventh season as Glenn went on an adrenaline filled Moose hunt. It was easily the most enthralling part of the episode.

Image of Glenn Villeneuve

Fast-forward to the 10th season and Glenn was going on another moose hint. Only this time, he had the misfortune of encountering several wild animals along the way.

Poetically, Glenn’s last run on the Life Below Zero would come after another of his famous moose hunts. After that, he was dropped from the show, much to his surprise.

All he heard from the showrunners at the time was that they had nothing for him to do in the next season.

Glenn revealed what happened to him on Life Below Zero on Joe Rogan Podcast

Back in December 2019, Glenn went on the Joe Rogan Podcast to talk about his departure from Life Below Zero. He said that despite his increasing popularity, the producers decided to cut him from the reality show completely.

The news did not go down well with fans, who, were for the most part sad to see him go. Over the years, Glenn’s shared experiences have taught fans a lot.

Because of this, Villeneuve always wanted to push the boundaries when it came to filming the best content. Unfortunately, the showrunners had a different vision they wanted to go with.

This was not inline with Glenn’s own personal views. He wanted to show the audience what his life was really like without embellishing facts.

Anyone familiar with reality television will tell you that this is not the way these shows work. They wanted Life Below Zero to follow a more structured path.

For instance, Glenn wanted to film himself paragliding from the mountains, right down to his house. The showrunners weren’t exactly keen on the idea.

Despite their reservations, Glenn pushed hard for everything he believed in. It put him at odds with the producers, which eventually led to his dismissal from the show.

Wife and Kids

So far, Glenn Villeneuve has walked down the aisle two times already. His first wife was a woman named Silvia Daeumichen.

She was a recognised opera singer who originally hailed from Germany. Silvia and Glenn tied the knot over two decades ago.

The two would make the life changing decision to migrate to Alaska to live in the wilderness. This is something Glenn had always wanted to do. Before they got divorced in 2013, Glenn and Silvia would have two children together.

Image of Glenn Villeneuve with his wife and kids

These are Wolf Song and Willow Leaves, both of whom joined their parents in the wilderness. Glenn turned his interest to online dating after his divorce.

This is where he met Trisha Kazan. Remarkably, it only took a few months of dating before Glenn was ready to pop the question again.

Their daughter Agatha would be born in 2014, less than a year after Glenn split from his first wife. In total, Glenn and Trisha have been together for the past eight years.

They presently reside in Fairbanks, Alaska, with all three kids.

What is Glenn Villeneuve is doing now in 2022?

Even after his departure from Life Below Zero, Glenn has continued to hit the news for his various exploits. Just recently, he took an exploratory trip to the Arctic Ocean, journeying across the Dalton Highway in the process.

While out in the Arctic, Glenn would make the daring decision to swim in the frigid waters of the ocean.

Despite his hectic schedule, Glenn still found the time to take Agatha to school on her first day of kindergarten.

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