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Paul Wahlberg Net Worth (2022). Wife, Age, Height

Paul Wahlberg and his Net Worth, Wife, Age, Height

On March 20, 1964, Paul Wahlberg was born to Donald Wahlberg, a delivery driver and a war veteran, and Alma McPeck, who served as a clerk. He is an American actor, chef, and reality television star. Donald Wahlberg and Alma McPeck divorced in 1982, but their family is highly well-knit, and they are the proud owners of ‘Wahlburgers,’ a casual dining burger restaurant and bar.

Let’s find out about Paul Wahlberg’s Net Worth in 2022. Also, find out about his wife. This chain of Wahlburgers has 26 restaurants that serve majorly fast food of various cuisines from all over the world and is also a casual dining place for people to unwind and enjoy.

It also serves some exquisite cuisines, and the main branch of this chain is located in Boston, but it is trendy all over New York and can also consider outside the United States.

Who is Paul Wahlberg? His Career Details

Paul used to work as a caterer during his high school, and he started to run his own catering business, which fared well. Later on, he trained himself professionally in culinary and began to work as a chef delivering food and preparing various menus for both big scale and small scale restaurants in and around Boston.

He also delivered food to different film sets when Mark Wahlberg noticed him and hired him as a caterer for two of his movies. His journey started, and gradually he began delivering food to many other popular film sets, which made him famous.

Chef Paul Wahlberg

His siblings, Mark Wahlberg and Donnie Wahlberg, helped him open his restaurant, and it was the first ‘Wahlburger’ restaurant among the chain of 26 restaurants present now.

It was inaugurated in Hingham, MA, where there was already another restaurant set up beforehand, which Paul operated. The second Wahlburger was inaugurated in Toronto, Canada, in November 2014 when the brothers decided to take their chain of restaurants across international borders.

On achieving success, the brothers decided to open several other restaurants and planned on opening at least 7 of them within New York City itself. On January 22, 2014, the A&E Network premiered the show named ‘Wahlburgers,’ which was a reality TV Show, and it gave the audience glimpses of all behind the scenes of Wahlburgers restaurants. This show starred Donnie and Mark Wahlberg and was mainly headed by Chef Paul Wahlberg.

The show aired by ‘Wahlburgers’ received average ratings and reviews from critics. However, the audience gave a tremendous amount of love to Wahlberg, and this show ran for seven seasons comfortably. The last and the eighth seasons were premiered in 2017.

Before we tell you about Paul Wahlberg’s Wife and married life, let me tell you about his Net worth.

Paul Wahlberg’s Net Worth is $10 Million.

Paul is the head chef of Wahlburgers restaurant and actor brothers Donnie Wahlberg and Mark Wahlberg. With a massive net worth of USD 1.5 million, he featured on various media platforms and culinary shows.
Before setting up Wahlburgers, the brothers were the owner of ‘Alma Nove,’ which reflected the love of all the brothers for their mother.  Derived from Alma McPeck’s name, this restaurant was set up in Boston, but it failed to garner profit and popularity

Donnie, Mark, and Paul Wahlberg, along with other siblings, appear on a famous American television show named the ‘Wahlburgers,’ which features on the A&E network showing what happens behind the curtains of Wahlburgers. This show is top-rated among the audience, and it had a run of super successful series one after the other.

Besides being the head chef of Wahlburger, Paul Wahlberg was also found acting in some films such as ‘The Happening’ and ‘Max Payne.’ He is a famous face in television and movies with brown hair and brown eyes.

That’s all about Paul Wahlberg’s Net Worth. Now let me tell you about his wife and kids.

Paul Wahlberg is Married to a Wife with 2 Children: Madison Wahlberg and Ethan Wahlberg.

Paul Wahlberg is an incredibly famous chef and reality television star, but he is private and confidential regarding his wife, married life, and personal life. This 58-year-old aged star, Paul Wahlberg, is married and has two children named- Madison Wahlberg and Ethan Wahlberg.

He always preferred to keep his personal life away from the limelight and never appeared in public with any other woman or had never openly admitted to dating anyone else. Rumors also fizzled out about his personal life real soon because of his discipline in maintaining secrecy regarding his personal affairs.

As far as Paul Wahlberg’s wife is concerned, he puts on his “None of your business” face. He is extremely fond of his children and is often heard in the interviews declaring how he never wants to pressure Madison and Ethan regarding their professional career choices. He leaves it up to them if they wish to pursue culinarily and become a chef like their father or take up acting and pursue their careers as an actor following their uncles’ footsteps.

Paul Wahlberg , his wife

His family is highly supportive of him, and during the demise of his sister Debbie Wahlberg in 2003, he could not accept the loss and was fighting depression.

During this time, his family held him close and supported him to battle the deadly disease and surviving as a warrior. With their love and care, he managed to come out of that troubled phase in his life, and he is forever indebted to them for that.

Now you know about Paul Wahlberg’s Wife and Kids.

Wiki-bio, Age, Height.

Donald Wahlberg had nine children from two of his marriages, and after his demise in 2008, the unity of the Wahlberg increased fourfold. Paul had imbibed his family values right from being a kid as he grew up in a massive family with multiple siblings. Growing up in Dorchester, Boston, Massachusetts, United States, along with eleven other siblings, Paul Wahlberg used to help out his mother to do the dishes in the kitchen right from childhood, which is how he developed the ‘knack’ of cooking.

At age 12, he fell in love with a dish of Eggplant parmesan sandwich at his friend’s place, and his cooking was also inspired by all the Sunday suppers he prepared at home for friends and family. He constantly experimented with food and cooked novel dishes, impressed Alma McPeck. On her advice, he decided to take up cooking seriously in the future and become a chef.

Birth Name Paul Wahlberg
Age 58 years (born on March 20, 1964)
Born In Dorchester, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.
Height 1.57 Meters
Net Worth $10 Million.
Wife Unknown

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