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Chef Anne Burrell Net Worth & Salary. Her Girlfriend Koren Grieveson & age.

Ann Burrell is a renowned TV personality host, who started as a sous chef and went on to become a host of her own TV show, thanks to her natural talent for cooking. She has appeared in a number of cooking shows that have made a name for her. In 2015, she won the Chopper All-Star Tournament for her exquisite cooking, this made her even more popular and boosted her career. Let’s find out about Chef Anne Burrell Net Worth. Also, meet her lesbian partner and girlfriend Koren Grieveson.

Chef Anne Burrell Net Worth: Her Salary.

According to reliable sources, it is said the Food Network pays Burrell Salary about 50,000 dollars for her work in the kitchen program known as Secret of A Restaurant Chef for the network. Many people around the world lover her show so much. Given that huge salary she receives, we can assume Chef Anne Burrell Net Worth is pretty fat.

In the recent past, Anne has been working for the Food Network and is currently residing in the busy New York in a classy house. But she does not own an apartment, although she can afford it. It appears as if she is looking for a home near her workplace.

According to her, the best way to get to a person’s heart is through food. The best invention that human beings have ever made is food.

In today’s world, you can make a lot of money by being a Chef. Anne is one of the few celebrity Chefs in the world that make seven figures.

At the moment, Anne Burrell net worth stands at $5 million, which she has earned from her cooking skills, and being on various TV shows.

Her career

She became famous when she became a part of the Institute of Culinary Education and was the main character of the show Chef Wanted with Anne Brunell.

She has also been on the show known as Secrets of a Restaurant Chef. She has also appeared in other amazing cooking shows such as the Worst Cooks in America, in 2010.

Her next season was aired in 2017. Another notable show was known as The Iron Chef America which was aired in 2011.

Anne has appeared in over forty reality shows in her television career. However, some of her notable mentions include The Next Iron Chef, Food Network Star; Chef Wanted With Anne Burrell, The Best Thing I Ever Made, Guilty Pleasures, Rachel Ray, Beat Bobby Flay.

All these have made her a respectable person continue to sum up her overall net worth, getting endorsements and sponsors on her shows.

Yes, Chef Anne Burrell is Lesbian. Meet her partner, Koren Grieveson.

As far as this Chef’s private life is concerned, Anne is a lesbian. She released a statement at the New York Post to confirm that she is actually lesbian and she has a girlfriend whom she has been dating for two years now.

It was alleged to have been exposed by author Ted Allen, but she denied that people presented her as lesbian, but her sexuality is out in public, and she has never kept her sexuality a secret.

Anne Burrell and her girlfriend and partner Koren Grieveson.
Anne Burrell with girlfriend/ partner Koren Grieveson

In 31st December 2012, she tweeted publicly that she is engaged to her lesbian partner by the name Chef Koren Grieveson. The two have been dating for two months. However, she says she has no plans to get married sooner, and she seems to put her focus and time on her career now. Further, there are no records about her marriage or divorce in any of her previous relationships.

Her Age and Birthday.

Chef Anne Burrell in the kitchen.

She was born on 21st Sept 1969 in New York. She is 47 years old as of writing this article. She was not a culinary student during her college years. As a matter of fact, she majored in English literature then. However, she forwent literature and dived into kitchen business. Her career kicked off from 1996 and ever since then she has never looked back.

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