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17 Facts about Fixer to fabulous hosts Dave and Jenny Marrs.

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Image of the Marrs Family

The power couples Dave and Jenny Marrs together host the loved show Fixer to Fabulous on HGTV where they assist actual couples in making their fixer-upper houses into their dream homes. Jenny has a keen eye for design, and Dave is hands-on and has experience in construction, so they form the perfect team.

In Arkansas, they have renovated more than 300 homes collectively. The audience loves them not only as a designer but also for other activities like adoption, charities, and many more. In this article, we will be unraveling the facts about this dynamic couple.

1.  They both hail from different places.

Image of Dave and Jenny Marrs of Fixer to Fabulous

Dave and Jenny Marrs of Fixer to Fabulous

Dave is originally from Colorado and was born on 26 February 1980. Dave’s father was in the army but eventually started a business building log cabins in Colorado. He attended Colorado State University before working in the firm.

Dave started working in the contractor business in Arkansas in 2004. When he started the business it didn’t perform well as it has performed now with her wife.

On January 24, 1979, Jenny Marrs was born in Florida, USA. Jenny Marrs is a writer, blogger, designer, businesswoman, television personality, and supporter of charitable causes. She became well known in the media fraternity with the show Fixer to Fabulous along with her husband Dave.

2.  Dave and Jenny met at work

Dave received a job offer from Newell Brands’ Rubbermaid after graduating from college in 2002, and it was there that he first met Jenny, who was employed by a separate division. Thoughts began to develop and they became closer, he had to move and travel frequently for business at the time.

Before deciding to move forward, they had an extensive long-distance relationship. Dave chose to come to Arkansas and pursue a career in building and construction after quitting his job in 2004.

When he left the corporate job and shared with Jenny that he wanted to start building again Jenny was really supportive and they both as a couple took a big leap of faith. Dave states that he was glad that he did a corporate job because he could meet the love of his life there.

3.  During their struggle phase, Jenny was the breadwinner.

One year before being married, in 2004, Dave and Jenny Marrs migrated to Arkansas. Jenny continued to work full-time in sales and marketing while Dave founded Marrs Developing.

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Jenny stated, “I studied advertising and [public relations] in college, and I’ve worked in marketing and sales, in an interview with About You. I’ve always been artistic. When we got here, Dave began this construction company, and I started assisting him along the way.

We had little money, and I had a legitimate job. I was the “sugar momma” since he was just getting started. In 2012, I left my job of eight years to work with him full-time.

4.  The Marrs has been married for 18 years.

Image of the Marrs couple on their wedding day

The Marrs couple on their wedding day

On a vacation to Paris that included a stop at the well-known Eiffel Tower, their relationship took a significant leap forward. And it was atop this amazing building when Dave got down on one knee and proposed.

Their 18-year marriage is a tribute to the success of his extravagantly romantic gesture. On April 2, 2005, Jenny and Dave were united in marriage.

5.  Marrs couple has Five Children.

Image of the Marrs Family

the Marrs Family

Their family consists of  Five children—11-year-old twins Nathan and Ben, Sylvie, 10, Charlotte, 7, and Luke, 2—who belong to the happy couple. The Marrs family has a hectic month of May. In May, Nathan, Ben, and Charlotte all have birthdays.

They have two parties to commemorate Luke’s early June birth. The happy parents like posting old pictures and adorning their staircase with balloons to share the kids’ birthday celebrations with their admirers.

6. Sylvie; their adopted child

Image of Jenny Marrs and her daughter, Sylvie

Jenny Marrs and her daughter, Sylvie

When Dave and Jenny Marrs started talking about adopting a child, they already had twin sons named Nathan and Ben. They investigated a range of foreign adoption programs.

They discovered the profile of a little girl in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in November 2012 and immediately recognized her as their daughter. Jenny and Dave adopted Sylvie from the Central African nation of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. By August 2013, the legal matters had been resolved, making her their legitimate daughter.

But it wasn’t that easy to bring her to the US. At the time, the Congolese government shut down, and because exit letters had been prohibited, no adopted kid was permitted to leave. Dave set out to bring Sylvie home because Jenny was also expecting Charlotte and was unable to go due to her high-risk pregnancy.

After just over 600 days, Dave and Jenny finally held their daughter in their arms on July 8, 2014, when Sylvie was two and her foster mother had been given permission to travel her to the United States.

7. Dave and Jenny Mars didn’t desire to be on the big screen; they were destined.

The couple was constructing new homes In the Bella Vista neighborhood of Bentonville, before HGTV and before properties in the city’s historic center were being renovated. After then, the 2008 housing market collapse put an end to it.

The Marrs’ business barely made it through that. In the spring of 2016, Dave and Jenny Marrs were contacted about making a “sizzle reel” to present the network after someone at HGTV learned about the work they were doing in Bentonville, Arkansas. The couple was following their passion and operating their services while they were approached for this show.

In fact, the selection process was vigorous people had to send their videos auditioning. On the contrary, in a video on their blog, they reveal that HGTV approached them with the prospect of a show after word got out about the couple’s business and their passion for reviving historic homes in a small-town community.

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When HGTV approached the couple via email, Jenny thought it was a joke. During Fixer to Fabulous season one, she even said that she thought it was spam and deleted the message right away. Later, on they became an integral part of the show.

8. Facts About Fixer to Fabulous

Image of Marrs couple on fixer to fabulous

Marrs couple on fixer to fabulous

The stars and hosts of the HGTV renovation program “Fixer Fabulous” are Marrs and his wife Jenny. The first season of the program debuted on HGTV on October 10, 2019, and the most current season (season 4) debuted on December 20, 2022.

The major focus of the series is on Dave and his wife Jenny Marrs as they strive together to renovate ancient homes in Bentonville, Arkansas, and restore them to their former splendor. In this series, Jenny handles the design while David focuses on construction and contracts.

9. Fixer to Fabulous initially started as Almost Home

Image of Dave and Jenny Marrs on Almost Home

Dave and Jenny Marrs on Almost Home

The pilot episode of the program titled Almost Home debuted in November 2017. Following a favorable response from viewers, HGTV approved the series for eight hours, or in other words, eight breathtaking makeovers, each with a rigorous six-week deadline.

When Almost Home finally premiered in October 2019 (after several delays), the network chose to rename it Fixer to Fabulous.

10. The Marrs couple uses the American flag as  their signature  style

Image of Dave and Jenny Marrs and their American Flag trademark

Dave and Jenny Marrs and their American Flag trademark

They place an American flag outside each house renovated by them. According to Jenny, it is a unique style of paying homage to the ancestors including his father and father-in-law.

11.  Jenny and Dave have full control while designing the houses.

Image of the Marrs couple designing a house

Marrs couple designing a house

Real customers who want to renovate their houses move out for five to six weeks until trusting the couple solely. Obviously, there are pre-discussions held to understand the preferences of the customer.

They finish the client’s remodeling in the anticipated time frame and to the promised quality. Despite working with several clients at once, they don’t compromise on their designs.

As the TV channel doesn’t pay for buying extra furniture, Jenny tries to use the existing ones and give a historic yet fresh look to the house. In case of any purchases required, she coordinates with the client and makes decisions off-camera as discussing the financials on a show is not considered professional.

12.  The Marrs family resides in an antique farmhouse.

Image of Dave and Jenny Marrs with their kids in their antique farm house

Dave and Jenny Marrs with their kids in their antique farm house

Jenny described the day in 2012 when Dave brought her and their two sons on a tour of an ancient farmhouse that he had been requested to demolish in a blog post titled “These Walls.” Dave had been urged to do so because the property had become unsafe.

The farmhouse was constructed in 1906.  Fortunately, Dave had recently bought a vacant piece of property in the area. Although he didn’t have a plan when he acquired this land, it ended up being the couple’s first significant restoration effort and the place they would raise their growing family.

When the Marrs discovered a collapsing farmhouse that was set for demolition, the Marrs’ house turned into their own unique venture.

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13.  Dave and Jenny Marrs have a Blueberry Farm

Image of Dave Marrs and his son at their Blueberry Farm

Dave Marrs and his son at their Blueberry Farm

The Berry Farm, owned and operated by Jenny and Dave, is more than simply a venue for residents to harvest their own fresh berries and/or conduct special events. The berry farm was established by the pair “as a means to give educational skills and opportunity for abandoned and at-risk youths in Marondera, Zimbabwe.

14. The Marrs couple together earns a good amount.

This talented couple has an estimated $ 2-$5 million net worth. The major source of their income is their show Fixer to Fabulous and other personal renovation projects through their company Marrs Developing.

15. They launched a Home Line in Walmart

Image of Marrs couple's Homeline in Walmart

Marrs couple’s Homeline in Walmart

The Marrs’ distinctive aesthetic sense and architectural design inspired them to introduce their home collection to Walmart. The Marrs Collection by Better Homes & Gardens, a 30-piece collection that includes this adorable teak porch swing with cushions, was recently released at Walmart.

A matching teak dining table, outdoor area rugs, cushions, lamps, and planters are all included in the series.

16. The couple is highly engaged in Social Welfare activities

In order to help orphans worldwide, Dave and Jenny Marrs teamed up with Help One Now, a nonprofit organization located in North Carolina. Together with their Bentonville blueberry farm, the Marrs “will teach orphaned children across the globe how to do the same in their own community,” according to the blueberry farm website.

The farm will offer resources to educate and equip young people with the necessary skills to move into adulthood successfully. Additionally, The Gatehouse Project in Zimbabwe’s Musha WeVana Village is supported by the Marrs’ blueberry farm.

According to the program’s website, “nearly 80 orphaned and vulnerable youngsters” can receive instruction in “agricultural & livestock, wood & metalworking, business management, textiles, cuisine, and even technology.” Blueberries were Dave and Jenny Marrs’ main emphasis since, with appropriate care, the crop will yield fruit year after year.

The pair invests in long-term projects in an effort to address societal issues.

17. Trivia of the Marrs

The celebrity couple has made quite a name in the design and media industry. They have always been on top because of their designs, social welfare activities, and perfect family. However, here are some additional interesting facts about artistic couples.

  • Banana and Dolly are the names of their pets.
  • They watch the episodes only when it is aired to the public.
  • Dave and Jenny are almost a year apart in age. Jenny is elder than Dave.
  • Jenny has a personal website and a blog page named “ Blessings and Raindrops” where she shows her creative side.
  • After the Fixer to Fabulous season 1 premiere, Jenny admitted she was pregnant with Luke.
  • Dave was one of the contractors and builders on the HGTV series Rock The Block’s inaugural season, which debuted on October 21.
  • Dave Marrs has a tattoo on his arm written in, Hebrew characters which translate to “My Lord, my deliverer.”
  • Reportedly, the couple suffered from infertility.

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