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James Braxton Wikipedia, Wife, Married, Age, Net Worth, House 2022.

Image of James Braxton Wikipedia, Wife, Married, Age, Net Worth, House.

James Braxton is one of the first names that come to your mind when you think about the business of antiques and auctioneering. It is not just because of his TV fame but also the outstanding skills that he displays in multiple shows related to auctioning and antiques like ‘Antiques Road Trip,’ ‘Flog It,’ and ‘Bargain Hunt.’ He has built up a career for his exceptional talent in the sector, but his fame has still not made it possible for us to get information on him. He even does not have his own Wikipedia page so let us be the first to inform you of his Wikipedia-bio. Learn about his wife and married life along with his net worth and his entire biography.

James Braxton Is Married To his Wife Joanna Victoria Braxton.

James Braxton is a married man, and he is married to his longtime wife, Joanna Victoria Braxton. James, as well as his wife Victoria, are the kind of people that value their privacy too much to compromise their married life for the media.

So both the husband and wife refrain from making any comments about their family or married life. All we can inform is that their relationship appears to be carrying on peacefully without any disputes. A sign of their healthy married life can be taken as their children.

Yes, they have two children who are both fully grown today. They have two sons named Ned and Charlie who are both in their 20 regarding age. Finding personal information about James’ wife Joanna is particularly hard as she is not very sharing of that with the general public.

James Braxton, on the other hand, likes to speak about his life openly but keeps his lips shut on the matters of his early life and married relationship with wife and family life.

James Braxton Age. How old is he?

James Braxton is of is 55 years old concerning age as of 2018. He was born someday on August of 1963.

James Braxton Net Worth, House

James Braxton is a very hard-working and skilled businessman more than an antique expert because he has been able to use his talents and skills to make a name as well as gain fame from it.

He has been able to hold a career successful enough to generate a considerable net worth estimated to be nearly 3 million dollars and more.

Image of James Braxton net worth is $3 million
James Braxton net worth is $3 million

His fantastic net worth may come as a surprise, but you will feel differently if you knew about his career more. He was interested in the antiques since childhood which prompted him to pursue the job.

He started by purchasing his first auction company called Edgar Horns in 1991 and an auction room called Brackett’s in 1995. He then went on to find the Fine Art Auction Group where he still currently works as Director and has five auction rooms around England.

James Braxton is also one of the ten partners who created, an E-commerce business with an auctioning platform similar to that of E-bay in 1999. On top of all this, he is also the co-founder of one more company called Dreweatts, and he owns an inn called The Lamb Inn that is currently run by his children.

All this on top of his reputed career as a TV personality and the star of shows such as ‘Flog It,’ ‘Antiques Road Trip,’ and ‘Bargain Hunt,’ sums to form his massive net worth.

James Braxton Wikipedia type biography, education

James Braxton is a famous British antique expert who appears in various antiques and auction-related shows like ‘Antiques Road Trip‘ and ‘Bargain Hunt.’

He is a renowned personality and is very verbal about his career and work but quite the opposite concerning his early life and married life which may be the reason he lacks a proper biography and information in Wikipedia.

James Braxton may not give us much about his background, education, and married life but he has opened up to share his hobbies as fishing, tennis, rollerblading, reading, and traveling in Scotland.

He also is a real family man who enjoys sending time with his family. The ‘Antiques Road Trip’ star is also very much into classic cars and wants to collect as many as possible.

Another thing he is avid of is liquor, particularly bloody Mary. He dislikes terrible manners, winter rain, tardiness, and unwanted shouting.

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