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Charlie Ross Net Worth. Meet his wife and kids, his age, birthday

Charlie Ross is an antique expert, seasoned American journalist, and media personality. He is best known for his regular appearances on Bloomberg Tv and PBS on his program dubbed Charlie Rose. Among the notable people that The antique expert and tv personality also have interviewed in his show include America’s former president Barack Obama Donald Trump among the many prominent celebrities in the music industry and Hollywood actors.

Let’s find out Charlie Ross’s Net Worth. Therefore, it is evident that Charlie is one of the oldest television hosts and presenters, and his experience is unmatched. Also, Find out more about this TV reporter’s married life, wives, and divorce.

Charlie Ross’ Net worth is $23 Million.

The Antique Road Trip Expert has been in the industry for more than 50 years. He has been a television presenter and show host since the 1970s and has made tremendous effort and success in his career. So it wouldn’t take a genius to know that Charlie Ross’ Net Worth is Huge.

The antique expert has been one of the familiar faces in television personalities in the media industry and has made a fortune for himself. He owns the vast property and big mansions in North Carolina, Long Island Beach, and Washington Dc.

Charlie Ross

In general, the net worth of Charlie is approximated to be over 23 million dollars. Of late, the veteran auctioneer has been earning $2 million yearly from his several ventures.

The primary source of his income has been through his television shows as a presenter and a great host. His numerous appearances in television programs have also boosted Charlie Ross’ net worth significantly.

The longtime television personality has earned big from his television programs in CBS, the New York media world, and PBS.

The Antique Road Show Trip Charlie Ross Married life, wife, and divorce.

Ross has married more than once in his life. The big-time television presenter and antique expert Charlie Ross were married a few times only to end it for some reason. In 1968, Ross got married to Mary King.

However, the marriage between Charlie  Ross and Mary King did not last long as 12 years later the couple. They divorced in 1980. It is hard to tell what exactly led to the two divorces. However, this antique auctioneer’s busy and demanding career is considered the main reason for the divorce.

Charlie with his ex-wife Mary King
Charlie with his ex-wife Mary King

After divorcing his wife, Mary King, Ross got married to his longtime sweetheart cum socialite Amanda Burden. These two tied knot in 1992 but again divorced in 2006. They had two kids together when they divorced in a much-hyped court case that received extensive media coverage in 2006.

His birthday, Age

The antique expert and Television host Charlie Ross is an older man. He has been in the media for close to five decades now. So let’s find out the answer to How old is Charlie Ross? He was born in 1950 in Henderson, North Carolina. Ross is, therefore, 71 years old and still going strong.

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