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Auctioneer Mark Stacey wife, net worth, dead or still alive? 2022

Auctioneer Mark Stacey

Mark Stacey is a Welsh television personality and a valuer. He is also a big-time auctioneer. He has made several appearances on BBC programs as an antique expert and has gained a considerable following. Among the television shows he has appeared in include Flog it! And Bargain Hunt.

Married life and wife, kids?

Mark Stacey is not officially married. However, he has a partner and longtime Spanish girlfriend known as Santiago. Little is known about his past family, whether the two have children or not.

His girlfriend remains unknown and has maintained a low profile in the public limelight. He and his partner  Santiago currently lives in Brighton.

Auctioneer Mark Stacey Net worth is $4 Million.

Mark Stacey has appeared in several television shows. He regularly appears as a host of BBC shows. He runs an antique shop in Brighton, and he has gained a lot of visitors from within and outside the country, which has created a name for himself.

Mark Stacey also owns a fleet of antique vehicles that he has been able to accumulate in his antique shops. His extensive research on antiques has seen him acquire many unique assets. This auctioneer now works as an independent valuer and auctioneer.

Auctioneer Mark Stacey Net Worth is $4 Million
Caption:- Auctioneer Mark Stacey’s Net Worth is $4 Million

He was well paid for his show on television and in various films. He has made a huge net worth that is worth commendable. Mark Stacey has a net worth approximated to be about $ 4 million.

His net worth is subject to increase given that he is still active in both television and as an antique expert. As an auctioneer, he has also made good returns.

Is Mark Stacey Dead or alive?

Well, Mark Stacy is still alive. Despite some rumors that the veteran auctioneer and television personality had died, we can now boldly declare that Mark Stacy is still well and active. He currently lives in Brighton with his Spanish partner called Santiago.

Wiki Bio

Mark Stacey was born on 23rd September 1964 in Neath, Glamorgan in South Wales. He is 57 years old. Mark was born in a family of five, and he grew up with his three sisters and brother before relocating to London to work for the famous Sotheby’s auctioneers.

Auctioneer Mark Stacey is Antiques Expert
Caption:- Auctioneer Mark Stacey is an antique Expert

Mark was fascinated by antiques as a young boy and has been an antique expert for over 20 years. He joined Bonhams in 1995 as a general valuer and an auctioneer.

He has also worked for Hamptons/Dreweatt Neate Fine Art and become one of the most successful valuers and head of decorative arts. His work here bore him fruits as he rose to the rank of director. He now owns an antique shop in Brighton.

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