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Bryan & Sarah Baeumler’s Son’s Bold Fashion Statement is Taking Internet by Storm

HGTV personalities Bryan and Sarah Baeumler have consistently encouraged their children to embrace their individuality, and now their 12-year-old son, Lincoln, is seizing the opportunity to make a powerful statement.

“😎Summer Holiday Update: last night I had to google ‘how long does it take for eyebrows to grow back’…you know what Google said, ‘patience is key’ 🫣” Sarah captioned her June 26 Instagram post, which featured a close-up photo of Lincoln with one eyebrow completely missing.

Within a mere 24 hours of its posting, Lincoln’s daring new appearance has garnered an astounding 450 comments, leaving fans and friends of Bryan and Sarah Baeumler amused and intrigued. The eyebrows of many have been raised by his bold choice, leading to a lively comment section filled with laughter and curiosity.

Fans Look for Lincoln Baeumler’s Eyebrow in Other Posts


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Bryan and Sarah’s “Rock the Block” and “Battle on the Beach” co-star Ty Pennington commented “😆” on Sarah’s post, while other users shared their own stories with regrowing eyebrows.

“When my daughter was around 8 she shaved off her eyebrow in the bathtub then proceeded to tell me the shampoo dissolved it 😂 😂. Couldn’t explain why it didn’t dissolve her hair however” one user wrote.

“If you’re not Googling ‘how long does it take for eyebrows to grow back’ at least once, are [you] even parenting ? Lol 😂 😂” another fan added.

One user offered a tip, writing, “Coconut oil apparently helps with hair growth according to my eyebrow lady”, with Lincoln responding directly from his account, writing, “I will use that 🤣”.

“For the sake of symmetry at least shave the other one 🤣” another fan wrote.

About an hour after Sarah shared the news that Lincoln was down one eyebrow, Bryan posted an advertisement for the Royal Bank of Canada featuring the Baeumler family. In the video, Lincoln tries persuade his family — Sarah, Bryan and 10-year Josephine (“Dojo”) — to partake in a pizza taste test. In the comments, some users observed that Lincoln’s eyebrow was still intact.


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“He still has his eyebrow 😂” one follower commented, with another adding, “Ahh Linc pre the missing eyebrow lol”.

Bryan shared another post on June 27, a selfie featuring Lincoln and two of his friends getting ready to go wakeboarding. Lincoln’s eyebrow is still missing in the photo.

Bryan Baeumler & His Children Remember a Late Friend

During their well-deserved summer break, Bryan has been devoting ample time to bonding with his two youngest children. Together, they celebrated Father’s Day amidst the picturesque beauty of the Georgian Bay in Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada. The memorable occasion provided an opportunity for them to reflect and pay tribute to a dear friend who passed away in March 2023.

“Claire and Remi @ Leblanc Sans Souci have been great friends for 32 years… last time she saw [Lincoln and Jojo] she was taller than them! ♥️ Rest in peace Remi… we miss you. 😔” Bryan wrote in the caption of a June 18 Instagram Story over a photo of Lincoln and Jojo standing with Claire, who owned the local business Leblanc Sans Souci Marina with her husband, Rem,i until his passing. After posing with a picture for Claire, the Baeumlers went inside for ice cream.

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