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Who Won Battle on the Beach 2022? New Season, Cast, Location

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Image of Battle on the Beach Winner

“Battle on the Beach” is a thrilling reality TV program on HGTV that allows its participants to renovate identical beachfront properties. Taniya Nayak, Alison Victoria, and Ty Pennington serve as the designers and mentors on the show, helping the contestants transform the properties into their ideal beach homes.

The show first aired in 2021 and recently finished its 2nd Season in July 2022. However, excitement is already building as HGTV recently announced the return of “Battle on the Beach” with its highly awaited 3rd Season, premiering in early 2023.

As the highly-anticipated new season approaches, let’s take a trip down memory lane and refresh the information about the winner of Season 2 of “Battle on the Beach.” Who were they?

Join us as we find out!

Battle on the Beach 2022 Winner: Who Were They?

Battle on the Beach Season 2 announced designer Alison Victoria and her team as its winners on July 10, 2022. Allison’s team competed along with the other 2 teams led by Tania Nayak and Ty Pennington

According to HGTV, Alison’s team had the husband-wife designer duo Corey Cye and Paige Cyr, who are also the owners of a real-estate (home-flipping) business, Curiously Living.

Image of Battle on the Beach casts

In 2022, each team was provided with identical beach houses and $80,000 to renovate the houses. And the beach house with the highest market price after the renovation was supposed to be the winner.

During the final episode, the judges revealed that the new market value of the houses was $720,800, $769,200, and $789,800, respectively. And the house with the highest price, i.e., $789,800, was renovated by Alison and her team, Corey and Paige.

The team’s happiness after winning was worth watching as they jumped in excitement, and the group hugged. Alison said that despite being on various shows, she had never won any show before, but as her team kept their blood and sweat on the project, the victory was worth it.

Finally, she also said that though there were times of stress, working with Corey and Paige made the whole experience fun. Corey and Paige received a grand prize of $50,000 as the winner of “Battle on the Beach” Season 2.

Will There Be Battle on the Beach Season 3?

Yes, “Battle on the Beach” is returning with Season 3. HGTV has officially announced the premiere date of the upcoming Season of “Battle on the Beach.” It will air on June 2023.

So, fans, brace yourself up, as one of your favorite renovation shows will be back on TV in just a couple of months.

Who are the Cast of “Battle on the Beach:” Location

On HGTV’s “Battle on the Beach,” a cast of skilled renovators compete for the top prize by impressing the judges with their work. The core cast, consisting of design experts Ty Pennington, Alison Victoria, and Tania Nayak, has remained the same since the first Season. But, each Season sees a new group of contestants divided into three teams led by these three design experts.

So including 3 mentors, each group consists of 3 members in total, and they compete to impress the judges, Bryan Baemler and Sarah Baemler of Renovation Island. Likewise, while the show markers are yet to reveal the casts and shooting location of Season 3, it is known from a source that the last Season of “Battle on the Beach,” in 2022, was filmed at Surfside Beach, Texas, and the 1st Season in 2021 was filmed in Alabama Gulf Coast.

In Season 2, Tania’s team included the father and son duo Brandyn and Roosevelt Chambers of Chambers Development LLC. Ty’s team consisted of Jacqueline Matoza and contractor Wally Remaley, and Alison’s team consisted of Paige and Corey, owners of Curious Living.

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