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Ben and Erin Napier’s Tragic Life Events Off Camera.

Throughout their journey on “Home Town,” Ben and Erin Napier have captivated audiences with their efforts to rejuvenate homes in their local community. Their success led HGTV to launch a spin-off series, “Home Town Takeover,” showcasing the Napiers extending their expertise to other areas. On and off screen, the couple shares many endearing moments. Since meeting in college in 2004, they annually celebrate “Love Week” to honor their romantic beginnings. Their television venture began unexpectedly when approached by an HGTV executive.

Despite their fortunate opportunities, the Napiers have faced challenges like anyone else. In February 2024, Ben’s 1987 Chevrolet Blazer was stolen, prompting him to share images and footage on social media to aid recovery efforts. Compounding their stress, most of the family fell ill with COVID-19 around the same time. Fortunately, the Blazer was found four days later, but the thief was discovered to have stolen three other vehicles, one of which was scrapped. This incident was one of several hardships the Napiers have overcome together.

A perforated appendix put doubt on Erin Napier’s fertility

From 2004 to 2014, Erin Napier endured the challenges of a perforated appendix, enduring intermittent and debilitating stomach pain. The condition perplexed doctors, leaving Erin grappling with emotional turmoil stemming from the lack of diagnosis.

Eventually, medical professionals identified the issue, leading to surgery to remove her appendix and accompanying scar tissue, which had accumulated over a decade. Despite the resolution of this health issue, concerns lingered regarding its potential impact on her ability to conceive

. “I was very sad,” Erin shared with People in October 2018. “I like to have proof. And we had no proof that I would be able to have kids.”

In addition to this uncertainty, Erin contended with apprehension surrounding pregnancy and childbirth. On Mother’s Day 2017, she discovered she was pregnant, experiencing overwhelming relief.

“It was like pushing a car up a hill all this time, my anxiety about when, when, when I would finally be brave enough,” she expressed in her blog. Their first child, Helen, arrived in January 2018, followed by Mae in May 2021.

Despite the passage of time, the trauma from Erin’s appendix ordeal continues to affect her. In January 2022, she disclosed grappling with panic attacks and anxiety regarding illness. This experience has fostered empathy towards individuals navigating fertility challenges, prompting Erin to advocate against prying into their privacy.

Erin was terrified for Ben’s health

Even after Erin Napier found relief from her appendix issue in 2014, her family faced further medical challenges. That same year, Ben Napier’s father required emergency bypass surgery.

This event was not only traumatic for Ben’s mother and siblings but also deeply unsettling for Erin. Coupled with Ben’s genetic predisposition to heart disease, this situation led to recurring distressing dreams for Erin, envisioning Ben diagnosed with a heart ailment and given a limited time to live. “And then I wake up. Completely a wreck,” Erin shared, recounting the nightmare in her blog.

To alleviate their concerns, Ben took proactive steps towards his health. He pursued preventative screenings and prioritized physical activity, particularly after becoming a parent.

“Having Helen made me want to be healthier so I could be around a lot longer and see her grow up and see her whole life,” Ben disclosed to Country Living in 2019. By that time, he had shed 55 pounds through lifestyle adjustments.

His notable transformation prompted unfounded allegations of using and selling keto supplements to alter his physique. However, the truth was that Ben had dedicated himself to various exercises in a home gym he crafted within the family’s barn.

Ben Napier’s Rotator Cuff Surgery

Ben Napier recently underwent surgery for a torn rotator cuff, as revealed by his wife and Home Town co-star, Erin Napier. She shared a photo on Instagram of Ben lounging on the couch with a hospital bracelet and shoulder sling. Erin’s caption detailed the procedures he had undergone: rotator cuff repair, shaving off a bone spur, and trimming cartilage.

Despite the surgery, Erin assured fans that Ben was in good hands and needed some time to recuperate. She affectionately referred to herself as the “best nurse in the biz.” Their daughter Helen, age 5, added a heartfelt touch by decorating the photo with a get well soon note and crayon hearts.

Helen also surrounded her dad with stuffed animals, showcasing the family’s love and support during his recovery. The couple shares another daughter, Mae, who is 22 months old.

Before the surgery, Erin had posted a picture of Ben working on a home gym shirtless, praising his dedication despite his injury. She admired his progress and noted his good blood pressure, adding a touch of humor to the update.

A tornado damaged the Napiers’ home

Just prior to Christmas in 2019, a tornado struck Laurel, Mississippi, prompting Erin, Ben, and Helen Napier to seek refuge in a closet beneath the stairwell of their home.

“You don’t want to hear your house move and creak and pop,” Erin recounted later on Southern Living’s “Biscuits and Jam” podcast. “We could hear glass breaking.” Despite the frightening sounds, Erin maintained confidence in their survival. Fortunately, the damage to their home was confined to broken windows. “It was scary. It was a close call,” Erin shared on the podcast, noting that Helen, who was nearly two years old at the time and didn’t grasp the concept of tornadoes, developed a fear of thunder in the aftermath.

While the storm registered as an EF-3, several months later, in April 2020, an EF-4 storm wreaked further havoc on the area. Although the Napier residence emerged unscathed once again, the couple mourned the losses suffered by their community. In an effort to aid in Laurel’s recovery, Erin and Ben devised a “Hometown Strong” print as a fundraiser. “Through the sales of that print, we were able to buy thousands of meals and cleanup kits,” Erin shared with “Tamron Hall.”

The pair dedicated their expertise to assisting in the town’s restoration efforts, including the reconstruction of a home they had previously renovated. Furthermore, Erin and Ben took proactive measures to prepare for future storms. In December 2023, they outfitted their basement with indoor swings and cozy couches to ensure their daughters could play comfortably while seeking shelter from future tornadoes.

The Napiers’ daughter Helen’s safety was threatened

In May 2021, Ben Napier received concerning reports from neighbors about a new resident, John Gaffney, whose behavior raised alarm bells regarding the safety of their daughter, Helen Napier. Gaffney’s peculiar actions, including wandering the neighborhood in costume while carrying a water gun and wearing an ankle monitor, set off red flags. Erin Napier later recounted on Instagram that Gaffney had purchased a house just a block away from theirs and had minimal belongings, aside from toys seemingly intended for Helen’s use during visits.

At the time, Erin was pregnant with their second child, Mae, due to arrive imminently. In response to the situation, the Napiers swiftly arranged for security personnel to protect their family, without disclosing the unsettling details to young Helen. Additionally, they, along with another couple, sought and obtained a restraining order through the courts.

Erin Napier with her beautiful daughter, Helen
Erin Napier and her daughter, Helen

Thankfully, the situation was resolved without harm coming to anyone involved. Gaffney, already facing legal troubles in California, was required to return there. Despite the ordeal, Erin reflected on Instagram a year later, admitting that while the incident still crossed her mind daily, it no longer instilled fear in her.

Online harassers continue to bother Erin and Ben Napier

Despite Erin Napier’s Instagram initially propelling their careers as HGTV stars, she and Ben have grappled with recurring instances of online ridicule due to their fame. In a January 2018 Instagram post, Erin reflected, “the world might see improvement once we acknowledge that online cruelty isn’t courageous or without consequences.”

Addressing the issue again in July 2020, she mentioned her decision to disable comments. However, it appears this wasn’t implemented consistently. Five months later, frustration arose when a post featuring their daughter garnered unwarranted remarks, despite the couple’s effort to shield her identity. Comments criticizing the preschooler’s appearance and the Napiers’ COVID-19 safety measures prompted Erin to swiftly delete the photo.

Regrettably, studies indicate that hurtful comments persist as users often remain shielded from the repercussions of their words, fostering a cycle of negativity. In response, Erin and Ben remain steadfast in advocating for positivity, emphasizing the importance of civil behavior. “Anytime someone is unkind on social media, I believe the mature response is to address it as adults should,” Erin expressed to Yahoo

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