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Michael Epps Net worth 2022. Sources of income, house, Cars, Career info.

Image of Michael Epps: Net worth, Salary, Sources of income, house, Cars, Career info, Wiki Bio

Michale Epps is a popular name in the United States. He is known for his stand-up comedy, acting, rapping, writing, and also as a producer.

Specifically, her acting in Next Friday brought him a lot of accolades. Read this to know Michael Epps Net Worth.

He was pretty commendable in the film’s sequel as well. Apart from this, his performance as ‘Black Doug’ was quite appreciated too. He replaced Martin Lawrence to be the voice of ‘Boog’ in the second season of the Open Season.

Michael Epps Net worth: $5 Million.

Mike Epps has been a part of more than 50 movies. Starting from a film like ‘Strays’ to ‘Where’s the money of 2017, he has been a part of many noteworthy films. Undoubtedly, these movies have shared a significant piece of his total earnings.

Being a renowned comedian and an actor, he has various earning sources. It is estimated that the net worth of Mike Epps is $5 million. From a career perspective, he is indeed very much successful.

Not just the movies or stand-up comedy, Michael Epps is quite a renowned name in TV arenas well, having done many popular shows. His comedy timing is phenomenal. Films like ‘Fifty shades of black’ are also quite popular.

He has done various commercials as well. Needless is to say that all these contribute to his net worth in a significant way.

He made a lot of buzz by being part of the prestigious platinum Comedy Tour. He often remains busy by doing shows while touring different States.      

Like many other successful personalities, the career of Mike Epps, too, had started at quite an early age. He started his quest as a stand-up comedian.

To be specific, his show ‘Don’t take it personally in 2015 earned him a lot of popularity. Similarly, the show called ‘inappropriate behavior 001’ too was quite buzzed in 2016.

Mike Epps is a thorough all-rounder. He is pretty active in the music arena as well. The song called ‘Big Girls of the album ‘Funny Bidness’ in 2008 is still quite popular.

Image of Comedian, Michael Epps

Comedian, Michael Epps

Early Life.

Michael Epps is a well-known personality. He has been quite active in the industry for the past 20 years. He has been in the news for his extravagant lifestyle. The significant part is how he has maintained the balance well between his professional and personal life.

However, his life was indeed not smooth enough. During his teen days, he was involved with a gang and got arrested for the same.

He has served the jail for one year and six months. But, these adverse incidents have never stopped him from pursuing his passion.         

Michael Epps is a firm believer. He often gives credit to God for the name, fame, and money he has earned in life. He, too, provides a due share of credit to his fans, his mother, and friends.

House and Cars.

Coming to the houses, Epps used to have a double-story building in the Encino in Los Angeles. The building is established in a massive area.

He used to stay there with his family, including his ex-wife and both the children.

Post getting divorced, the house was up for sale, and it was decided that the amount would be shared between both. It is estimated that the home’s total worth will be around $3.5 million.      

Michael Epps is known for his passion for cars. There are many stylish cars one can find in his garage. It is estimated that the net worth of these cars will be around $3 million.

Among the most noteworthy ones and the latest, he has a Mercedes, Jeep Cherokee, and Cadillac. Apart from these, he has a Suzuki motorcycle and 2011 edition. Earlier, he had Bentley, Mercedes, Toyota Prius, and a Land Rover.

Michael Epps: Married to Wife.

Coming to the personal life of ‘Michale Epps,’ he is currently single.

Image of Michael Epps is currently single

Michael Epps is currently single

He is divorced. Michelle McCain was his ex-wife.

Image of Michael Epps with his ex-wife Michelle McCain

Michael Epps with his ex-wife Michelle McCain

Epps was quite in a good term with McCain until 2017. Both got hooked in the year 2006. Moriah and Madison are two daughters of them. Anyway, Epps had Bria and Makayla from his earlier relationship.

Image of Michael Epps with his daughters

Michael Epps with his daughters

Post-divorce, the couple will have combined custody of their young daughters.

Michelle will also have the support amount of $25.000 every month for six years and six months. Also, there is $15.000 as child support amount along with both the children’s private education fees.  

Age 51 years (Born November 18, 1970)
Net Worth $5 million
Spouse Michelle McCain (wife)
Kids Moriah Madison (Daughter)
Occupation Singer, stand-up comedian, songwriter-actor, rapper.
Parents Mary Reed(Mother)

Tommy Epps (Father)

Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American

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