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Alyssa Rose Worman Divorced From Husband Josh Rose? Her Net Worth, Age In Wiki Bio. 2022

Alyssa Rose Worman and her Husband Josh Rose

The Graveyard Carz show is popular for the ability of the cast to revamp dead car parts and bring them back to life. Many viewers of the show find it equally thrilling and exciting. In this article, we’ll discuss one of the main cast Alyssa Rose, her personal life details including the men in her life and marriages, her net worth, children and so much more.

Is Graveyard Carz Allysa Rose Still Married To Husband Josh Rose? Or Are They Divorced? any kids?

Sometime back, a rumor swirled up about a possible divorce and that Allysa has broken up with Josh Rose. See, if you watched the show, this is not a new name.

Josh Rose, an Australian footballer used to appear on the show. Just recently, the rumor turned out to be true. The couple has split up and although there is no official communication regarding their separation, Allysa seems to have picked up the broken pieces of their marriage and moved on. Why? You ask. Well, it seems that Allysa Rose is dating Anthony Johnson.

Graveyard Carz Allysa Rose With her Husband Josh Rose and her child
Caption:- Graveyard Carz Allysa Rose With her Husband Josh Rose and her child

Source:- Instagram

The two are seen going on vacation together, plus her cute children. Allysa shares photos of their happy times together on her Instagram page and although she does not officially admit to dating having moved on with Anthony, she admits that she and Josh had problems that they did not work out. As to whether the couple is working through with a divorce remains to be seen.

Allysa is a mother of two children, a boy, and girl whom she adores very much. Their names are Emma and Brooklyn.

AllysaWorman’s Net Worth

Allysa Rose Worman specializes in giving old cars and vehicles a new and revamped look. She does not mind getting her hand dirty and greasy just to reawaken the dead motors.

Allysa Rose Worman (Graveyard Carz) Wiki: Divorced, Husband Josh, Kids

Her father, Mark Worman is a happy man and really loves his supportive daughter. Aside from working in the garage, Allysa is also a dancer. Her net worth is approximately $500,000.

She Is a Daughter of Mark Worman

Alyssa Rose is the daughter of Mark Worman. Her father is the man behind the Graveyard Carzreality TV series. Mark Woman was a fanatic of motors since his childhood.

He always had an insatiable curiosity to know more about auto-motives. His interest had him reading many auto magazines that spoke about cars.

Graveyard Carz Star Allysa Rose - Mariage, Divorce, Dating, Net Worth and  Short Bio - Celeb Tattler

Alyssa Rose Worman takes after her father when it comes to auto love. She, just like her father has a lot of interest in cars.


Allysa was born in 1991. Currently, she is 31 years old. She had many hobbies when growing up, the main one was dancing which saw her undertake some training in classical ballet, jazz, and ballroom dancing from the age of 7 till she hit 17.

She also attended summer workshops where she acquainted herself with different dancing styles like hula, krumping, etc. her ex-husband, Josh Rose used to be part of the Graveyard Carz until 2014.

Many feel that his departure was highly contributed to by the fact that their marriage was on the rocks, others think that he was not paid enough to stay.

Name Allysa Rose Worman
Date of Birth 1991
Age 31 Years
Spouse Josh Rose (Separated)
Children Emma and Brooklyn.
Career TV Personality, Dancer,

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  1. I enjoy the show more this season. It seems to be a kinder and more educational than in the past. I must admit tha Alyssa is easy on the eyes and adds a sense of freshness to the shop.

  2. What happened to Josh Rose? I hope his father-n- law fired his lazy butt, all he wanted to do was play computer games on his father-n-laws time at work. I beleive that he was very overpaid. I also think that his exwife and children will do a lot better without him. As i have heard from women talking about there ex’s sperm donor only, get rid of them after your done.

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