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Will Scott Graveyeard Carz Painter Wiki-Bio: Married, Wife, Net Worth, Age, Kids. 2022

Will Scott from Graveyeard Carz Painter

With the starting of new series of, Graveyard Carz a new member was introduced to the show, and Will Scott was one of them. If you are a fan of the show or Will, then wait until we reveal everything about this guy. From his married life and wife to kids and net worth.

Will Scott Gyc Painter is a married man and has six kids.

Will Scott Gyc is married to a wife and has six kids. We wouldn’t have known this if he hadn’t replied to a fan who was trying to figure out how many kids he has.

So normally when he is not working in the show, he spends some good time with his wife and kids. The two has not been seen together in the show as she is not the part of what he does. But like most of the couple, they do share intimate pictures on Instagram and Twitter account.

Below are some pictures of Will Scott and his wife we found on the internet, to be honest on his Instagram and Twitter account.

Will Scott With his lovely Wife

Caption:- Will Scott With his lovely Wife

Source:- Facebook

His wife is out of the spotlight, but he has shared few images of her in his social media account like facebook and twitter.

Will Scott Taking Selfie With His Beloved Wife

Caption:- Will Scott Taking Selfie With His Beloved Wife

Source:- Facebook

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He also shared an image of his daughter.

Will Scott's taking Selfie With his Daughter

Caption:- Will Scott’s taking Selfie With his Daughter

Source:- Facebook

The below is the image of his youngest son.

Will Scott's youngest son

Caption:- his youngest son

Source:- Facebook

Information on when he got married is not revealed, but the fact that he has six kids and the youngest one looks like a teenager makes us speculate that Will Scott has been married for quite a long time.

What his wife does is still a mystery. She isn’t even active on social media. Is she shy? Maybe. Or maybe she is too busy to spend time on facebook, twitter and Instagram could be anything we just can’t be sure until either Will or his wife reveals anything about that.

His career in Graveyard Carz

Graveyard Carz is an American Reality Show made By Mark Worman. It is made in Springfield Oregon. The show is about restoring late 1960s to early 1970s Mopar muscle cars. Also it runs with the motto “It’s Mopar or No Car”.

The show has already been on a long run and now it is in its sixth season on channel Velocity.  The show has 5 cast, Mark Worman himself, his daughter Allysa Rose, Will Scott and two other.

He is a painter in the show and he paints old cars and turns them into new. He had been working as a painter long before he joined the show. His skills in turning old junks into new cars have been highly appreciated.

Depending on the type of car and color it takes 6 hours to a couple of days for him to complete painting the cars.

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Mark Worman the maker of the show likes to think that he taught Will Scott and that is what has made him so good at painting cars, but Will thinks otherwise. Mark no doubt has given him an opportunity to work for him and showcase his skills but he was already good at what he does long before Mark recruited him.

Gyc Painter Will Scott began painting cars while at the high school and in time his hard work and dedication towards work has sharpened his skills.

Net Worth

Graveyard Carz Will Scott has a Net Worth of $80,000. His main source of income is the tv show. Other than that there are no mentionable sources of income to add in his net worth.

According to a reliable source, he receives the salary of $2,000 per episode from the Graveyard Cars. Not bad for a car painter.

With an increase in popularities of the show, it is sure to take a long run in the future which means he will earn from the show increasing his net worth.

Will Scott's Net Worth is $800 thousand american Dollar

Caption:- Will Scott’s Net Worth is $800,000


Will Scott is 43 years old as of writing this article. He is a married man with six kids. He likes to paint cars. That has been his hobby for as long as he can remember. He came to spotlight after starring in an American Reality TV series “Graveyard Cars.” He loves to own 1970 Cuda muscle car.

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