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Graveyard Cars Allysa Rose Wiki-Bio, Age, Net Worth, Parents 2022

Allysa Rose fromvGraveyard Cars

Allysa Rose is one of the Tv show Graveyard Carz with Mark Worman as the creator of the Tv series. Graveyard Carz is a show where people implore some crazy ideas with dead muscle cars and make them come alive again.

Here, we will examine one of the stars Allysa Rose, her wiki-bio, age, net worth, parents as well as her profession. Therefore, if you are looking for facts about the star, we are here to do justice to that, read on.

Wiki-Bio, Age

Allysa Rose was her birth name and was given birth to in 1991. She is an American by Nationality, she featured in the reality Tv series, Graveyard Carz and works in Graveyard Carz where she helps to restore old cars to life. She is 26 years of age.

Allysa Rose Biography

Allysa Rose was born in 1991. She grew up around the Mopar and some other great cars in her family. She is the daughter of Mark Worman. Allysa has been featured many times in the Graveyard Tv show which was first aired in 2012 on the Velocity network. Her father has been into automobile since his childhood. Rose started reading automobile magazine at an early age.

She was married to Josh Rose and has 2 kids. Now they are divorced.

Allysa first developed an interest in automobiles at the age of 10, and ever since then, she has continued to build on it. She featured in the Graveyard Carz, a Tv series. Allysa got married to an Australian footballer Josh Rose who he had a son and a daughter with, but currently, they are separated.

Allysa Rose With Her Father Mark Worman

Caption:- Allysa Rose With Her Father Mark Worman

Source:- Wassup Celebs

Net Worth

There is no record of the net worth of Allysa Rose at the moment. However, it is estimated that Mark Worman who is the creator of the Tv show has a net worth of $1 million.

Career and Profession

Allysa Rose grew up around the muscle and other great cars in her family. Her love for cars started at 10 years when she was a child and the father; Mark Worman gave her toys like Gokart and Dirt bikes.

She works in his father’s garage where she gives gorgeous new life to hitherto death cars. She does not just like working on screws or paints; She loves working on the engines and getting her hands dirty as well as working on the interior.

Allysa Rose Graveyard Cars

Caption:- Allysa workes in her dad’s garage & She loves working on the engines.

Source:- Facebook

Allysa is equally trained in classical ballet, tap, hip-hop, jazz, and ballroom dancing. She had started dancing at the age of 7 until she was 17 and Currently, she drives 2014 dodge charger.

Allysa Rose nevertheless did not confine herself to any particular style as she has learned contemporary to hula, and also krumping.

Part of what she does in the garage is finding rarest cars from the 60’s and early 70’s helping to restore it and bringing out a new life in them.

She is the head researcher, collecting background information relating to these cars as well as recording its stories.


Mark Worman is the father of AllysaWorman. Worman is an American and owns an automobile body shop. He is also the creator of the reality TV show Graveyard Carz.

Her father Worman began working in an automobile shop when he was young, and he is considered to have an in-depth knowledge when it comes to car parts and vehicle restoration. Information about the mother or other siblings is not available.

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