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Alaskan Bush People is Cancelled: Shocking Reasons for Downfall of one of the Best Alaskan Shows.

“Alaskan Bush People” is a reality television series that follows the Brown family as they live off the grid in the wilderness of Alaska. The show, which premiered on the Discovery Channel in 2014, gained widespread attention for its portrayal of the family’s unconventional lifestyle and their efforts to survive in the remote wilderness.

Led by patriarch Billy Brown and his wife Ami, the Brown family consists of their seven children: Matt, Bam Bam, Bear, Gabe, Noah, Snowbird (Birdy), and Rain. The family claims to have lived in the Alaskan wilderness for decades, relying on hunting, fishing, and gathering resources to sustain themselves.

Throughout the series, viewers witness the challenges and triumphs the Brown family faces as they navigate the harsh conditions of the Alaskan wilderness. From building shelters to foraging for food, the family’s resourcefulness and resilience are put to the test as they strive to live independently of modern society.

However, the show has faced criticism and controversy over the years. Some viewers and critics have questioned the authenticity of the Brown family’s wilderness lifestyle, alleging that aspects of the show may be scripted or embellished for entertainment purposes.

Additionally, the family has encountered legal troubles, including charges related to falsifying residency documents and illegally obtaining dividends from the Alaska Permanent Fund.

Despite these controversies, “Alaskan Bush People” has maintained a dedicated fan base who are captivated by the Brown family’s rugged lifestyle and adventurous spirit.

The show continues to document the trials and tribulations of the Browns as they strive to carve out a life for themselves in the untamed wilderness of Alaska.

The Show Alaskan Bush People is Cancelled, and Here are a few reasons why.

Billy Brown passed away in 2021 due to a seizure, as confirmed by his family. Bear shared the sad news on Instagram, describing Billy as their cherished patriarch who had succumbed to a seizure.

Billy was not just a father, grandfather, and husband; he was also their closest confidant. He lived life on his own terms, off the grid, and imparted that ethos to his family.

In a poignant moment captured on camera shortly before his passing, Billy reflected on his mortality, expressing gratitude for life’s blessings but acknowledging its impermanence. He emphasized the importance of preserving the family’s unity and ensuring the continuity of their legacy, particularly through the ranch he cherished.

The family’s grief was compounded by the recent loss of Amber Branson, Billy’s niece, who tragically passed away in a fire in Texas less than a year prior.

The cancellation of “Alaskan Bush People” after its thirteenth season in 2021 was primarily attributed to the passing of the family patriarch, Billy Brown.

As the driving force behind the show and a central figure in the Brown family’s wilderness adventures, Billy’s death left a significant void that was difficult to fill.

As the head of the Brown family, Billy Brown played a pivotal role in managing the dynamics and decisions within the tight-knit “wolf pack.” His leadership was not only evident in the wilderness survival skills he imparted to his family but also in his role as the primary decision-maker on the show.

Throughout the episodes of “Alaskan Bush People,” viewers witnessed Billy’s authority as he guided the family through various challenges, whether it was constructing shelters, hunting for food, or navigating the rugged Alaskan terrain. His wisdom and experience were often relied upon to ensure the family’s well-being and survival in their off-the-grid lifestyle.

With Billy’s sudden passing, the family was left without its anchor and guiding force. His absence created a void that was deeply felt by each member of the Brown family. Without his leadership and direction, the family struggled to function as cohesively as before.

Billy’s role went beyond being just the patriarch; he was the glue that held the family together and the driving force behind their unity and resilience.

ABP family have been heavily criticized for abandoning the Oldest son, Matt Brown

Matt Brown, one of the sons of Billy and Ami Brown featured on “Alaskan Bush People,” faced a series of personal challenges during his time on the show. Matt struggled with substance abuse issues, which were depicted on the show and openly discussed by both him and his family.

In September 2018, Matt revealed that he had entered a rehabilitation facility to address his struggles with alcoholism. He made the decision to step away from filming the show to focus on his recovery and personal well-being. This hiatus from the show lasted for several seasons.

During his absence from “Alaskan Bush People,” Matt continued to work on his recovery journey. He shared updates with fans on social media, expressing his gratitude for their support and discussing his progress in overcoming addiction.

Matt Brown’s relationship with his family, particularly his late father Billy and his siblings, has been tumultuous, marked by allegations of abandonment and lack of support. Matt has publicly claimed that his father kept all the profits from the Discovery reality-documentary “Alaskan Bush People,” leaving him feeling neglected and disregarded.

In a candid video monologue, Matt revealed his disappointment and frustration with his family’s treatment of him regarding financial matters related to the show.

He recounted how he had attempted to negotiate fair compensation for his contributions to the series, considering expenses such as previous rehabilitation costs. However, instead of receiving understanding and support, Matt felt further marginalized and belittled by his family.

Matt shared how one of his brothers, in a triggering and hurtful manner, suggested that he did not deserve to be compensated because of his struggles with alcoholism. This interaction left Matt feeling deeply wounded and misunderstood, evoking painful memories of his father’s behaviour during his own struggles with addiction.

Expressing his disillusionment with his family’s actions and their refusal to acknowledge his efforts and challenges, Matt lamented the loss of what he had worked hard for. He described feeling isolated and unsupported, highlighting a sense of betrayal and abandonment.

Matt’s journey has been marked by personal challenges, including his battles with substance abuse and his efforts to overcome them. Despite his struggles, he has shown resilience and determination in his pursuit of sobriety and personal growth.

While Matt’s relationship with his family and his exclusion from “Alaskan Bush People” have caused him pain and hardship, he has sought solace in nature, spirituality, and his own creative endeavours, such as his YouTube channel. Through his candid disclosures and reflections, Matt has provided insight into his troubled past and his ongoing quest for redemption and inner peace.

The decline in Popularity and Viewership of the Show Due to the mistreatment of Matt Brown by the Brown Family.

Many viewers were outraged by the treatment of Matt Brown by his family, particularly their perceived abandonment of him in his time of need. The decision to strip him of his rights and allegedly withhold his rightful earnings from “Alaskan Bush People” was widely condemned as a low and heartless act.

Critics argued that family should offer support and compassion, especially during challenging times such as Matt’s struggles with addiction. Instead, the perception of exploitation and betrayal left a sour taste in the mouths of many fans who had followed the Brown family’s journey on the show.

As news of Matt’s mistreatment circulated, a growing number of viewers voiced their discontent on social media platforms and online forums. Some even declared their intention to boycott the show, citing their disillusionment with the family’s actions.

The fallout from Matt’s ordeal had tangible consequences for the show’s ratings and viewership. As supporters of Matt Brown began to lose interest in “Alaskan Bush People,” the show experienced a decline in viewership. The once-thriving fan base started to dwindle as disillusioned viewers tuned out, unwilling to support a program associated with perceived injustice and exploitation.

The backlash against the Brown family’s treatment of Matt underscored the significant impact that public perception can have on the success of a television show.

The erosion of viewer trust and loyalty not only damaged the reputation of the show but also served as a wake-up call for producers and network executives.

In the end, the fallout from Matt’s mistreatment highlighted the importance of integrity and ethical conduct in the realm of reality television. The loss of viewership served as a stark reminder that audiences have the power to hold creators and cast members accountable for their actions, even in the world of entertainment.

Ami Brown’s Health Issues.

Ami Brown’s battle with cancer was a significant chapter in her life, not only personally but also for her family and fans of the show. Diagnosed with lung cancer in 2017, she faced incredibly low odds of survival, with just a three percent chance according to reports at the time. The news shook the Alaskan Bush People community, as Ami was not just a central figure on the show but also a beloved matriarch.

However, despite the grim prognosis, Ami fought with remarkable resilience. Through treatments, surgeries, and undoubtedly challenging times, she persevered. By January 2018, there was a glimmer of hope when she announced that her cancer was in remission. This was a testament to her strength and the support she received from her family and fans.

Yet, Ami’s health struggles didn’t end with her battle against cancer. In March 2024, Snowbird Brown shared an update on Instagram revealing that Ami had been hospitalized due to severe pneumonia. This incident highlighted that Ami’s health remained fragile, and she continued to face medical challenges even after overcoming cancer.

The toll of these health issues likely impacted the family’s ability to film consistently for Alaskan Bush People. Ami’s well-being understandably took precedence over the demands of a reality show. The uncertainty surrounding her health, coupled with the loss of their patriarch, Billy Brown, in 2021, surely had a profound effect on the entire family.

Why the Show Won’t Be Back

The decision to relocate from Alaska to Washington state, a move spanning nearly 2000 miles, is a significant indicator that the era of Alaskan Bush People may have come to an end. For a show deeply rooted in the rugged wilderness of Alaska, such a drastic geographical shift signals a profound change in the family’s lifestyle and likely marks the conclusion of their television journey.

The move itself speaks volumes about the evolving dynamics within the Brown family. Whether motivated by personal reasons, health considerations, or simply a desire for a change of scenery, the decision to uproot their lives from the Alaskan wilderness suggests a departure from the lifestyle that defined the essence of the show.

Coupled with Ami Brown’s ongoing health struggles, the passing of patriarch Billy Brown in 2021, and the absence of a confirmed fifteenth season by Discovery Channel, the signs collectively point towards the end of an era for Alaskan Bush People.

While fans may have cherished the adventures, trials, and triumphs shared by the Brown family over the years, every journey must eventually reach its destination. The move to Washington state, alongside the family’s personal challenges and the lack of confirmation regarding future seasons, serves as a poignant farewell to a beloved reality series.

As the Browns embark on this new chapter in their lives, whether away from the cameras or exploring new opportunities, their legacy as resilient pioneers of the Alaskan wilderness will endure.

While the cameras may have stopped rolling, the memories and lessons learned from Alaskan Bush People will continue to resonate with fans, serving as a reminder of the strength found in family bonds and the enduring spirit of adventure.

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