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ALASKAN BUSH PEOPLE JAIL: What happened to the Alaskan Bush People Family? Why are they in Jail? 2022

Alaskan Bush People

The Alaskan Bush People reality show has taken the audience by storm. From the harsh living conditions to their daily excruciating circumstances, they have managed to reach a number of loyal fans. They are definitely not like any typical American family you meet every single day. They are quite extraordinary. The Alaskan Bush People seem to have a solution to every challenge they might face.

They come out independent and yet still sufficient. Whether it comes to their financial or basic physical needs, they seem to know what to do at all times. They might seem not to have the most comfortable of lives but at least they know how to watch out for each other and make their family one unique entity at large. However, recently it was reported that Billy and Joshua “Bam” Brown is facing a legal charge.

What happened to the Bush family from Alaskan bush people?

During the course of the show, Billy does boldly declare that he is more than ready to face the jail sentence alone without any of his family members coming along. Unfortunately for him, the Alaskan state officials declined his plea and stated that the Alaskan Bush People reality star would be sentenced to jail alongside one other family member.

Joshua being an older sibling, decided to share the burden with his father by going to jail with him. This news did come at a bad time for Billy because he was just recovering from a health challenge. Hoping to spend more time with his family, he was met by a letter from the state officials about his jail sentence. This letter highlighted the fact that Billy Brown and his wife Ami Brown claimed to have lived in Alaska state from 2009 to 2012. When actually Billy moved his family to Alaska in 2012.

Apparently, they were accused of lying on the form for their Permanent Fund Dividend. This form makes it possible for every Alaskan resident to get a percentage of the state’s oil profit. From the accuser’s point of view, Billy was trying to steal from the Alaskan state. Billy does stress how hard it was for him to take this accusation. Alaska gave him and his family their dreams. They remained adamant but that meant the legal proceedings would go on for years to come. Going to jail was the only way out.

Brown Family "Alaskan Bush People" Going To Jail?
Alaskan Bush People going to jail

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According to various sources, the Alaskan Bush People reality star family was actually residing in Seattle from 2009 to 2012. Before the final court proceedings, Billy did offer a sum of money which was rejected by the judge. Instead, in January 2016 they (Billy and Joshua) were sentenced to 30 days in jail. On top of the jail proclamation, the family was told to pay a sum of money too.

Conclusively, while Billy and Joshua served the jail sentence, the rest of the family made the most of their time. With Gabe and Bear building dangerous hunting tools, the sisters continued to be girls and enjoy their freedom.

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