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Snowbird Brown Had 8 Pound Tumor Removed in 2024: Updates on her Health

Snowbird Brown recently turned to social media to share an update regarding her health, shedding light on some startling details about her condition.

Snowbird Brown Recaps Her Health Crisis

Recently, Snowbird Brown underwent emergency abdominal surgery, revealing to fans the necessity of having tumors removed from her ovaries. She disclosed that one of the tumors weighed in at eight pounds, while the other measured four pounds.

Providing the update in an Instagram video, the Discovery Channel star stood outdoors amidst the gentle rustle of the wind and occasional crowing of a rooster in the background. Despite the ordeal, she appeared well, dressed in a Fallout shirt paired with an animal-print sweater.

“It was rough,” Snowbird shared in the video, reflecting on the challenging healing process. However, she expressed gratitude for being completely healed from the surgery. Despite the daunting prospect of having a total of 12 pounds of tumors removed from her body, the Alaskan Bush People star shared some positive news.

Snowbird clarified that the tumors were determined to be “cystic in nature” and not cancerous. Nevertheless, she cautioned that there is a high likelihood of the tumors recurring, with an alarming 80% chance of them being cancerous if they do return.

Snowbird Brown Gave Latest Updates

While most fans were already familiar with the previous details, Snowbird Brown, the Alaskan Bush People star, provided new information, revealing that she has upcoming tests to ensure the tumors haven’t returned.

“My doctors are keeping a close eye on me,” Snowbird shared. “I have to undergo blood work and various other tests periodically.”

In the coming month, she has a scheduled six-month checkup with the surgeon who performed her surgery. Concluding the video, she expressed gratitude to everyone for their support throughout the ordeal.

Fans flooded the comments section with messages of encouragement. “I love your Cheerleaders,” one fan remarked, referring to the roosters heard in the background. “They’re rooting for you! Sending prayers that you’re going to be great!” Another supporter wrote, “Prayers for your tests to all be negative for anything bad.” A third person added, “My mom and I have been praying for you. Thanks for the health update.”


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Ami Brown was Hospitalized due to Pneumonia

Ami Brown, the matriarch of the Brown family featured on “Alaskan Bush People,” has faced recent health challenges that have garnered attention from fans and well-wishers alike.

While details may be limited, it’s apparent that her health remains a concern for both her family and supporters.

In March 2024, Snowbird Brown, affectionately known as “Bird” among fans, took to social media to provide an update on Ami’s health.

Snowbird revealed that Ami had been rushed to the hospital after experiencing difficulty breathing, ultimately diagnosed with a severe case of pneumonia. This news undoubtedly sparked worry among followers, given Ami’s previous battle with lung cancer.

Ami’s journey with cancer has been a significant storyline throughout the series. Diagnosed with lung cancer in 2017, she faced incredibly low odds of survival but ultimately triumphed over the disease.

However, the toll of cancer and subsequent treatments can have long-term effects on one’s health, potentially weakening the immune system and leaving individuals more susceptible to other illnesses, such as pneumonia.

Reasons Why The Show Alaskans Bush People will not return

The cancellation of a beloved show like “Alaskan Bush People” can stem from various factors, ranging from declining viewership to personal and health-related issues within the cast.

While no official statement may have been released by the network or production team, several potential reasons could contribute to the decision to end the series:

  1. Declining Viewership: One of the primary reasons for cancelling a long-running show is a decrease in viewership ratings.

As time goes on, audience interest may wane, leading to lower ratings and reduced advertising revenue. If “Alaskan Bush People” experienced a drop in viewership over its seasons, this could have influenced the network’s decision to cancel the show.


  1. Cast Health Issues: Health concerns among the cast members, particularly significant figures like Ami Brown and Snowbird Brown, could also play a role in the cancellation.

Ami’s battle with cancer and subsequent health issues, as well as Snowbird’s recent surgery and ongoing medical tests, may have made it challenging for the family to commit to filming regularly.


  1. Personal Reasons: Beyond health issues, personal reasons within the Brown family could contribute to the decision to end the show.

The passing of patriarch Billy Brown in 2021 and the family’s subsequent move from Alaska to Washington state suggest significant changes in their lives. These changes may have influenced their desire to step away from the public eye and focus on personal matters.


  1. Production Challenges: Filming a reality show in remote wilderness locations presents numerous logistical challenges.

From extreme weather conditions to limited access to amenities and resources, production crews face unique obstacles while shooting “Alaskan Bush People.” These challenges may have become increasingly difficult to overcome, leading to the decision to cancel the series.

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