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Vanna White’s Two Children Gigi Santo Pietro, Nikko Santo Pietro From Ex Husband George Santo Pietro.

Vanna White with son Nikko Santo Pietro and daughter Gigi Santo Pietro

Born as Vanna Mary Angel, this 60-year-old Diva has been a mother of two lovely kids Gigi Santo Pietro and Nikko Santo Pietro. Vanna was raised by her step-father Herbert White who is a real-estate businessman and also after moving to the United States of America, Vanna has been a successful woman especially after being part of the Wheel of Fortune show. Known to have been in the Guinness Book of World Records for clapping, this diva is a very humble human being we must say.

She fell in love with John Gibson whom she dated and soon after her engagement with him, John got killed in a plane crash and looks like that was a serious disaster for Vanna to recover from.

Later Vanna married George Santopietro after they met at a dinner in Studio City, California and the marriage lasted for 12 years before the couple decided to get a divorce. Vanna has been blessed with two children Gigi Santo Pietro and Nikko Santo Pietro.

Vanna was also in a relationship with the businessman named Michael Kaye but the relationship ended as quickly as it was announced and looks like Vanna is now dating John Donaldson.

Vanna White Married Life, Divorce.

This lady who earns more than $4 Million USD per year has been into a lot of relationships. With the charming personality she has, it looks like all men would go head over heels and this seems to be an undoubted thing.

However, Vanna was engaged to John Gibson whom she had met when she started off her career but looks like the fate had some other plans for the lady. John was killed in a private plane crash just after a few months of his engagement with Vanna.

Later, when Vanna was taken to a dinner at the Studio City by Tracy; Tracy’s ex-boyfriend George Santo Pietro and Vanna fell in love and got married in the year 1990 who was a restaurant owner.

After she divorced George, Vanna was engaged to a businessman named Michael Kaye and announced it on her show as well. But, it came as a shocker to a lot of her fan followers when she again made an announcement about her breaking up with Michael for the JDC Construction President, Donaldson.

She has never been married to anybody other than George Santo Pietro and she has two children from George named Gigi and Nikko. Besides having two children, White also suffered a miscarriage in the year 1992.

George Santo Pietro and his ex-wife Vanna White
Caption: Vanna White with her ex-husband George Santo Pietro

Source: Zimbio

Vanna White’s children Gigi and Nikko?

Vanna White has been blessed with two lovely children Gigi Santo Pietro and Nikko Santo Pietro. The children are born to Vanna and George Santopietro hence shares the same family name as George’s. Born as Giovanna Santo Pietro this beautiful girl is 20 years old and has got her stunning looks from her mom Vanna.

Cute picture of Vanna White with daughter Gigi Santo Pietro and son Niko Santo Pietro
Caption: Vanna White and her son and daughter from ex-husband George Santo Pietro

Source: Daily Mail

Born as Nicholas Santo Pietro, Nikko is 3 years older to Gigi and he is 23 years old now. There were rumors about Nikko living with a 34-year-old monk called Jaycee Akinsanya during his studies at the University of Arizona; there were also gossips about him taking Jaycee to meet his parents who lived in the Los Angeles.

It’s surprising to see how Nikko got into rumors while Vanna loves to keep herself away from all the rumors, isn’t it?

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