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Chuck Woolery Net Worth, Age, Biography. 2022

Image of Chuck Woolery Net Worth, Age, Biography

Meet the singer-turned-game show and talk show host, Chuck Woolery. Before all this Tinder online nonsense, singles would try to connect in a dating game show called Love Connection which he hosted, among many others. Woolery has lived a great life, and we are here to tell you all about it.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy this piece on Chuck Woolery’s Net Worth, Career, age, and comprehensive biography.

Who is Chuck Woolery? His career details and profession

Some regard him as a Christian and conservative Republican. Others see him as the father of at least five kids, where others see him as a divorce. All in all, either of these is correct. However, professionally, Chuck registers as a television show host and an actor.

Before he got into acting, he had a musical career with Warner Bros. Records, Epic Records, and Columbia Records. The latter was responsible for his one-hit-wonder song, Naturally Stoned, which did well on the charts. At the same time, Chuck Woolery served as a truck driver to supplement his income since music wasn’t doing that well.

Way before that, the singer served in the US Navy for two years before switching careers as a wine consultant and a sales representative in the 60s. Fast-forwarding into the mid-70’s, he switched gears and went full-on into acting.

He did some of the films including Evil in the Deep, New Zoo Revue as Mr. Dingle, and Cold Feet, released in 1989.

During this period, he dived into game show hosting by making his debut with the show, Wheel of Fortune. Other games included Love Connection, The Big Spin, Scrabble, Greed, The Price is Right Live, and many more. Nowadays, he holds a podcast on politics called Blunt Force Truth.

Net worth and Salary

According to, Chuck Woolery’s net worth as of 2022 stands at $15 million. His salary, on the other hand, remains unknown.

However, back in the ’70s, he left Wheel of Fortune due to a salary dispute with his employers.

Image of Game show host, Chuck Woolery net worth is $15 million

Game show host Chuck Woolery’s net worth is $15 million

The TV host received an annual salary of $65,000 per year but demanded $500,000. That became a bone of contention, and his contract became null and void on failure to reach an agreement. As already discussed, he made his net worth through other networks by hosting different shows.

As a result of Chuck Woolery’s fame and fortune, he garnered a substantial following which he capitalized on regarding YouTube Subscribers on his channel. Moreover, he also hosted a syndicated radio commentary show in 2012 called Save Us, Chuck Woolery.

Chuck Woolery Married Life, divorce, and kids.

As much as he hosted the show Love Connection and matched singles with their soulmates, Woolery’s shots at finding true love were slim. It wasn’t until after three attempts that he found Kim Barnes through a blind date and married her in 2006.

Before Kim Woolery, he was married to Teri Nelson but divorced her after alleged cheating rumors ensued in their marriage. The actor’s first wife was Margaret Hayes, while the second was an actress, Jo Ann Plug, whom he divorced in 1980 for unknown reasons.

Image of Chuck Woolery with his wife Kim Barnes

Chuck Woolery with his wife, Kim Barnes

His kids include the late Chad, who died of a motorcycle accident, and Cary, Katherine, Melissa, Michael, and Sean. Currently, he is laid back in Horseshoe Bay, Texas – a place he regards as a home with his wife, Kim.

How old is Chuck Woolery? Know his age and birthdate.

Chuck was born in 1941 and is currently 81 years of age. He celebrates his birthday every March 16th with his Zodiac sign as that, Pisces.

Chuck Woolery Wiki-bio

Full Name Chuck Herbert Woolery
Age 81
Date of Birth March 16th, 1941
Place of Birth Ashland, Kentucky
Profession Actor, TV and game show host
Net worth $15 million
Wife Kim Barnes
Kids 6
Height 6 feet 2 inches
Weight 198 lbs
Zodiac sign Pisces Pisces

You already know about his date of birth, but what of his hometown? Ashland, Kentucky, will forever remain the place of birth for the game show’s host.

Chuck was born and raised there and even attended Ashland High School. If you look up the school’s name right now, you won’t find it since it got renamed Paul G. Blazer High School.

After graduation, he experimented with music but held it to register in the US Navy. He got back onto the horse with the trio and duo groups called, The Borderman and The Avant-Garde, respectively. Slowly, he found his wave in acting that washed him into a life of fame.

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