Shane Maguire net worth, Who is he? Shane Maguire and Nicole Curtis’ relationship and Baby. 2022

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While Nicole Curtis has managed to keep her career blossoming successfully, her family life especially her marriage life is on a south level. Remember her first marriage with Steve Lane which ended up with a divorce? It turns out that this was not the only marriage that didn’t work out for her because even after finding new love in the arms of Shane Maguire, the relationship did not end up well. Discover who Shane Maguire is including his net worth and salary along with his wiki details but most importantly explore Shane Maguire and Nicole Curtis’.

Who is Shane Maguire?

Even if you didn’t know, based on the above section, it is evident that Nicole Curtis was at some divorce. To better explain Shane Maguire, you must first understand this bit. So who is the guy anyway? Shane Maguire is the man who made the Rehab Addict show host believe in love after her divorce from Steve Lane. Presently, he is better described as the ex-boyfriend of Nicole Curtis. However, you can also refer to him as the biological father of Harper who was born in 2015.

Shane Maguire’s net worth.

Not much is known about Nicole Curtis’s ex-boyfriend. The little that is known is that he is a businessman. In a way, this together with the fact that he was once dating a top celebrity shows that his net worth is pretty much something. I mean, very few celebrities would date a man who does not have a good job and income. Sadly, Shane Maguire’s net worth is not open to the media and the general public. The case is the same for his salary. However, we do hope that we can soon author about Shane Maguire’s net worth and salary.

Shane Maguire: Children, net worth, occupation, and Nicole Curtis

Shane Maguire and Nicole Curtis’s relationship

It all began some months after Nicole Curtis separated from his then-husband, Steve Lane. Their relationship was all rosy until 2015 when the reality star was pregnant but was never proud of the pregnancy. Or was she not proud of the father of her unborn child instead? This is because she kept the pregnancy hidden for a long time and when she could not hide it anymore she said she was only surrogating. She later confessed that the kid named Harper was her child, but since they were not in good terms with Maguire, she felt she would be judged by her fans hence preferred going by the above lie.

Nicole Curtis' Ex Claims 30-Month-Old Son 'No Longer Needs to Nurse' |

Six months after baby Harper was born Shane Maguire and Nicole Curtis’ relationship even got worse to the point of handling matters in court. According to Harper’s father, the reality star is not doing good as a mother as she spends the most time on shows hence forgetting her motherly role. When asked about the issue, Nicole Curtis states that the reason why Shane Maguire wants custody of the child is that he is not in favor of how she breastfeeds their child. Not taking sides, but if what the realtor says is true, don’t you think that the ex-boyfriend is just petty?

It’s sad that Shane Maguire and Nicole Curtis’ relationship had to end.

His wiki bio details

Other than his name, the fact that he is the father of Harper and the ex-boyfriend of the house renovation guru, no details are known about Shane Maguire. Wait did we say he conducts his business in Minnesota? Well, add that to your list and maybe also the fact that he is a loving and caring dad. Attributing to this is the fact that he is tirelessly fighting for the custody of his child something that most fathers do not do in this current world.

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