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Meet Nicole Curtis Former Husband Steve lane and Son Ethan. Is She Married Now? 2022

Image of Nicole Curtis husband Steve lane: who is he ?

You are likely to know Steve Lane if you are a fan of the reality star Nicole Curtis. The guy is not a celebrity, but in 2009, he certainly enjoyed some moments of fame. Not because of his career or anything but due to the official separation he had with the queen of old house renovation.

Although many have been yearning to know more of his divorce, dating life with the queen and his personal life, they have not been successful in finding this information. Here is a little something concerning Steve Lane and his relationship with Nicole Curtis.

Nicole Curtis and Steve Lane’s Married Life and Divorce. They had a Son Ethan Together.

Since their divorce in 2009, everyone has been on the internet trying very hard to understand the identity of the young man. Well, Steve Lane can be described in two different ways. To begin with, he is the ex-husband of the host of the show Rehab Addict, HGTV and Beach Flip, Nicole Curtis. If this explanation does not work well for you, then you are free to refer to him as the father of the cute baby Ethan. The love between the young man and his little boy proves that the separation did not affect his affection for his son Ethan.

Image of Steve Lane ex-husband of Nicole Curtis

Steve Lane ex-husband of Nicole Curtis

Nicole Curtis and Steve Lane’s relationship

While Nicole Curtis’ professional life is not hidden from the public, her personal life remains hidden. Therefore, there is very little information concerning her relationship with Steve Lane. Nevertheless, sources indicate that the couple must have married some few years before 2009 because their break up took place in 2009. Information about how the two met is not disclosed as well as their dating period.

However, it is assumed that the couple had a peaceful dating and marriage relationship before their eventual breakup. The reason for their divorce is not exposed to the media, but we believe that serious irreconcilable differences must have caused it. Since their breakup, the realtor has been working hard to give the best life to his kids.

Image of Nicole Curtis with his ex-partner Steve Lane

Nicole Curtis with his ex-partner Steve Lane

She has zero concentrations on marriage life as her kids are her number one priority. Sadly, there are no details about Steve Lane’s life after his divorce with a top celebrity. He could be single like his ex-wife, but he could also be making moves on someone. More information about Nicole Curtis and Steve Lane’s relationship will be updated on this site in case the queen decides on opening up about this particular subject matter.

Steve Lane wiki

You know for a fact that the TV personality is American, aged 42 and has a net worth of $7 million as of 2018. But what about his ex-husband? Well, not that we are being mean with information, but the man did a great job hiding his identity from the media. Although we are yet to discover his age and other wiki-details, this will sooner rather than later be availed on this page. So keep checking just in case we happen to have Steve Lane’s updated information.

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