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Rock the Block Season 5 Episode 5: What we Loved and what could have been better.

Fans  unanimously agreed with the judges’ decision to select Bryan and Sarah Beaumler as the winners of the week’s competition on “Rock the Block.” The standout feature for many was the pergola, which received high praise for its design and functionality.

Despite concerns about potential winds affecting the dock furniture, viewers were impressed by the overall execution of Bryan and Sarah’s project. Several commenters expressed admiration for Sarah’s exquisite taste in design, further cementing their support for the winning team.

Additionally, viewers noted a stark contrast in attitudes between the Beaumlers and the Twins, with some expressing dislike for the Twins’ demeanor throughout the episode. Despite a mention of the Twins also having a pergola, the focus remained on Bryan and Sarah’s exceptional work, with their dock, entranceway, and balcony being highlighted as standout elements that truly impressed fans.

Here’s what one fan wrote in support for the Baeumler,

I am okay with this week’s winner. As soon as the episode started, I wondered if anyone would think to create a fish cleaning station. ✅
The pergola was a plus.✅
The roll down screen was edge to edge which makes it practical. ✅
Yep, I am really okay with the judging this week.

We did a Poll, and 78% agree with this episode’s result

Baeumler’s Dock

Viewers of “Rock the Block” found Bryan Baeumler’s dock to be a standout feature, particularly appreciating the functional design of the pergola with a cleaning and cooking fish station. One fan highlighted the practicality of such a setup, drawing from personal experience with friends who own a similar layout in the Keys, where it’s consistently utilized after fishing trips. Additionally, there’s a consensus among viewers regarding the placement of the barbecue. They express concerns about the potential odor permeating the house if it were located on the balcony, advocating instead for its placement in the pool area for a more efficient use of space. Overall, Baeumler’s dock design resonated with fans for its thoughtful layout and practical amenities tailored for outdoor enjoyment.

Thoughts on their Fireplace.

Opinions regarding Bryan and Sarah’s fireplace on “Rock the Block” vary among viewers. Some express indifference, acknowledging its potential for ambiance on cooler nights but remaining more interested in seeing the entire outdoor space come together. Others question the practicality of an outdoor fireplace in a warm climate like Florida, suggesting that if the weather is cool enough for a fire, it’s probably preferable to be indoors.

Comparisons are drawn to the absence of a hot tub due to the heat, raising eyebrows at the decision to include a balcony fireplace. However, some viewers appreciate the ambiance the fireplace brings, noting its romantic appeal and contribution to an outdoor atmosphere.

Clarifications are made regarding its functionality, with speculation about whether it’s an electric fireplace offering flames without heat. While some see it as a potentially extravagant addition, others view it as a desirable feature, even in a warm climate, citing its ability to enhance outdoor enjoyment regardless of temperature.

Viewers Loved the Twin’s Solar Concept But Skeptial on rest of the Reno

Fans of “Rock the Block” were particularly impressed by the Twins’ innovative inclusion of solar panels in their outdoor renovation. One viewer expressed admiration, stating that despite not being a fan of their design choices throughout the season, the addition of solar panels stood out as a significant enhancement to the overall value of their project.

However, there were also concerns raised regarding the practicality of solar panels in hurricane-prone areas. Another fan highlighted the importance of ensuring that the solar panels are reinforced to withstand high-strength winds, considering the potential risk to both the roof and the panels themselves in the event of a severe hurricane. Despite the uncertainty surrounding the longevity and maintenance costs of solar panels, viewers appreciated the Twins’ forward-thinking approach to sustainability and energy efficiency in their renovation efforts.

The Twins faced heavy criticism from viewers for their work on this episode of “Rock the Block,” with their garage door, front door, and phenolic wood siding drawing particular ire.

Viewers found the clashing tones of the doors, along with the addition of grey composites and mismatched white trim around the windows, to be amateurish and visually unpleasant. The placement of the solar setup, featuring a completely exposed electrical panel box directly at the front door, was deemed as a final touch of “slapped-together” and unrefined design.

Some viewers even questioned how the Twins were selected for the show, expressing incredulity at their inclusion. Additionally, their snide remarks towards fellow contestants Sarah and Bryan at the end of the episode, regarding the value of solar panels versus a fireplace, only served to further sour viewers’ opinions of them.

Is Expensive Exterior really worth it?

Growing up around docks and witnessing the aftermath of hurricanes, it seems impractical for contestants on shows like “Rock the Block” to invest heavily in elaborate dock features. Instead, opting for functional additions such as benches, railings, and storage for safety equipment like life vests would be more sensible.

Additionally, incorporating supports for kayaks and installing a lift could enhance convenience without compromising safety. The lavish dock setups seen in Midwest lake houses may not translate well to areas prone to hurricanes like Florida, where tropical storms and high winds pose significant risks.

Considering the need to secure outdoor decor during stormy weather, viewers raise valid concerns about the feasibility of extravagant dock designs. Maintaining a minimalist approach seems more practical in preserving property and reducing potential hazards along coastal regions.

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