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Rock the Block Controversy: Viewers Rally for Fairness with ‘Blind Judging’ and ‘Viewer Voting’

As the latest season of Rock the Block unfolds, fans of the popular HGTV competition show have taken to social media platforms to voice their concerns over what they perceive as biased judging and unfair practices. Amidst discussions on Reddit, viewers are advocating for significant changes to the show’s format to ensure a more transparent and equitable competition.

Blind Judging:

One of the primary demands from fans is the implementation of blind judging. This approach would involve judges evaluating designs without any knowledge of the contestants behind them. By removing the element of bias associated with personal connections or past performances, blind judging aims to level the playing field and ensure that each design is evaluated solely on its merits. Fans argue that this would eliminate any favoritism and provide a fair assessment of the contestants’ work.

Viewer Voting

In addition to blind judging, fans are calling for the inclusion of viewer voting as part of the competition. While acknowledging the logistical challenges associated with this proposal, viewers believe that allowing the audience to have a say in the outcome would add a new layer of engagement to the show. By incorporating viewer feedback, Rock the Block could better reflect the preferences and tastes of its diverse audience, ensuring that the winning designs resonate with a broader demographic.

Perceived Bias and Unfair Judgment:

Throughout the discussions, fans have highlighted instances of perceived bias and unfair judgment in the current season. Some viewers have pointed out that certain contestants appear to receive preferential treatment from the judges, leading to frustration and disillusionment among the fanbase. Calls for greater transparency and accountability in the judging process have become increasingly vocal, with fans demanding a more objective and impartial evaluation of the contestants’ work.

Revamping HGTV Programming

Beyond specific changes to Rock the Block, fans are also advocating for a broader overhaul of HGTV’s programming lineup. Suggestions include featuring more diverse content beyond the typical renovation and design themes. Ideas such as incorporating gardening and landscaping tips, showcasing relatable home improvement projects achievable on realistic budgets, and exploring innovative design concepts have gained traction among viewers. By diversifying its content offerings, HGTV could attract a wider audience and cater to the varied interests of its viewership.

Change in the Judge

Fans of “Rock the Block” are clamoring for a change in the judging process, advocating for blind judging to ensure fairness and eliminate any hint of favoritism.

Among the suggestions for potential new judges are Erin and Ben Napier from “Home Town,” known for their down-to-earth approach and genuine personalities, as well as the redhead from “No Demo Reno” and her husband or contractor, who bring a fresh perspective to home design.

Additionally, viewers have voiced support for Jenny and Dave Marrs, who previously participated in “Rock the Block” and have since gained popularity for their creative designs and dynamic personalities. These proposed judges are seen as unbiased choices who could inject new energy into the show’s judging panel, restoring faith in the fairness of the competition.


As discussions continue to unfold online, the passionate outcry from fans underscores the importance of addressing concerns surrounding bias, fairness, and transparency in reality competition shows like Rock the Block. Whether the show’s producers will heed these calls for change remains to be seen, but one thing is clear: fans are eager to see a fair and transparent competition where creativity and talent are the ultimate determinants of success.

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