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Rick Harrison is married to wife Deanna Burditt. More about their Children and married life. 2022

Rick Harrison is married to wife Denna Burditt. Know more on their married life and kids.

Rick Kelvin Harrison is a renowned American businessman based in Las Vegas and a reality television show personality.

He and his father own the world’s most known Gold and Silver  Pawn shop as featured in the series of history of the Pawn Stars.

The shop is co-owned by him, and his father opened it in 1989.

Rick Harrison’s Third Marriage with wife Deanna Burditt

Harrison just like many other celebrities has been through a lot in his marriage life.

For instance, Harrison is now married to his third wife Deanna both Burditt. They married on 21st July 2013 in  Laguna Beach California.

The wedding was only attended by dignitaries and who is who in the media and business world.

It is worth noting that both Rick and Deanna Burditt have been married twice and also they have divorced twice.

Burditt has three daughters from her previous marriages.

Rick Harrison With his Third wife Denna Burditt

Caption:- Rick Harrison With his Third wife, Deanna Burditt

Rick Harrison previous marriages, Spous, and divorce.

As mentioned earlier, Rick Harrison has been married twice, and he has also had divorced twice.

His first marriage came in 1982 when he married Kim Harrison.

The wedding did not last long as Rick and Kim divorced three years later in 1985.

It is worth noting that Kim Harrison, who was Rick’s girlfriend became pregnant when she was only 17 prompting Rick to marry her.

Together they have two children Corey born in 1986 and Adam who died who died soon before they divorced.

After Rick and Kim divorced, he married Tracy Harrison in 1986, then got divorced in 2011.

Rick took the responsibility of his children, and they welcome another child Jack Harrison.

However, the marriage could not last long as they separated in 2011 citing misunderstandings. He is now happily living with Deanna Harrison.


Pawn Stars Richard Harrison The old man

Caption:- Rick Harrison’s Family & Team

Source: Instagram 

He is a successful business magnate and a reality TV show person.

Rick Harrison and his father own when of the most luxurious shops in Las Vegas opened in 1989.

He has been crowned the pawnbroker of the year award by the Pawnbrokers Association for his contribution in enlightening the public on the pawn industry and his subsequent role in the society.

In addition to that, he spent a considerable of time in pitching the idea of making a show with his pawn shop.

His Gold and silver pawn shop has been featured on many television shows. A notable episode is the showing Rick and his father on the screen with the show being referred to as “The Old Man” and with his son Corey.

He has appeared along with his son in many episodes of the Pawn Stars and in January 2011, the show was second the well-achieved television program.

He also appeared in television as a product promoter of men razor product lines.

Rick Harrison is also a writer. He has written a biography called License of the Pawn, Deals, Steals and My Life at the Gold and Silver.

He has made a huge cross growth with his books which are sold globally.

Aside from that, he is a long time politician and has taken an interest in various political ideologies.

He is also in the record for endorsing Marco Rubio for president in the 2016 elections.

Rick criticized Hillary Clinton saying she her track in foreign policy achievements is questionable.

Wiki Bio

Rick Harrison was born in 22nd March 1965 child to Davidson North Carolina and a third to Richard Benjamin.

He is a business mogul and a reality television show personality.

Moreover, hewas forced to drop his studies to dwell on his business starting selling Gucci bags making roughly 2000 dollars.

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