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Is Pawn Stars Still Running in 2023? Is the show canceled?

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The program depicts ”Pawn Stars” a family who owns and operates a pawn business in Las Vegas, Nevada. It premiered on 19 July 2009.

Since its premiere, it has been abundantly loved by the audience. In fact, it became the most-rated program in history.

The reality series shows negotiating skills in business, and it is a family-run business. There was plenty of drama, humour, adventures, and character development both within and outside the shop.

Although the show once made the headlines as one of the most loved shows, now it is in severe trouble. The pathway to stardom is as slippery as getting up there.

Amongst the rumours and assumptions, let’s clarify the reasons behind the rumours and troubles about whether the show was cancelled or not.

What happened with the cast of Pawn Stars?

During the shooting of their 17th season, the tables turned against the most loved show. The crew members were constantly being pulled into one or the other conspiracies.

The first is the death of one of the main characters among the four, Richard Harrison. Richard Benjamin Harrison Jr. frequently served as Corey and Chumlee’s sounding board.

He rarely got up from his desk to rest his eyes; instead, he only moved when he felt like it. The last time he took a sick day was in 1994, and he was usually the first to arrive at the shop daily.

Image of Pawn Stars Casts

Richard Harrison, who was 77 years old, sadly passed away on June 25th, 2018. Rick, his son, used Instagram to confirm his father’s demise. Between all of this, Austin had separate cases going on. Austin “Chumlee” Russell got charged after police searched his house as part of an investigation into a sexual assault case.

But in May 2016, he was able to reach a plea agreement. TMZ reports that after searching “Chumlee’s  Room,” which serves as his “party location”, cops discovered Marijuana, Meth, Xanax, and eight weapons.

Additionally, Corey Harrison, one of the primary employees of the pawn store, was detained for battery a few years ago. A second store employee has also been accused of criminal drug and firearm possession.

Also, amidst the rumours that the show runs gambling illegally, the cast surely had a  hard time running the show.

Is the show cancelled?

Pawn Stars appeared to be having difficulties as a result of a downturn in business during the previous few years. The lockdown occurred in March 2020, forcing them to shut down their business and cancel their 17th season of shooting.

Despite all the hardships, the History Channel has produced 640 episodes over the course of 20 seasons. On the other hand, it has yet to be discovered when the new episodes of season 20 will premiere.

Nonetheless, fans of the program anticipate that it might only continue to run till 2022. Even though The History Channel hasn’t announced a new season, the program is still going strong.

The Instagram feed is still open and posts throwback pictures of the show. It doesn’t necessarily signify anything, but it gives us a ray of hope and optimism that Pawn Stars will continue to exist.

Is the shop still open?

Although Rick, Corey, and Chumlee are no longer working there full-time, Pawn Stars’ Gold & Silver Pawn Shop is still open and accessible every day of the year besides the special holidays like  Christmas and Thanksgiving. The store can be found in Las Vegas at 713 S. Las Vegas.

Sadly, after the facade, there is no guarantee you will get a peek at the Pawn Stars cast. Seeing Rick and the other men would have been a possibility in the past, but they are now legitimate superstars in their own right.


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