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QVC Lisa Robertson Dead? Know her husband, married life, net worth, Salary, age

Image of Lisa Robertson husband, married life, net worth, Salary, age

The experience of celebrity also comes with many challenges, and when it comes to severe problems like having mentally disturbed stalkers or death rumors, Lisa Robertson, the talented designer and TV personality from QVC has bared it all.

Recently there have been reports on the QVC designer’s untimely death, so is the news of Lisa Robertson’s death accurate, or is it just a rumor?

Find out along with information on her incredible net worth and salary. Do not forget to learn about her married life and if she has kids and a husband before discovering in-depth information about her wiki-bio and career.

Is QVC star Lisa Robertson Dead or just a rumor?

The news of Lisa Robertson’s dead is just a rumor. Lisa is alive and well. As for the stories, we are not sure where they were generated from. When we searched the internet, the most relevant site was somebody questioning if she was dead on Quora.

She is alive and well, and you can get updated information about her by following her social media sites or even visiting her website,, where you can read her blogs and shop for clothes and accessories.

People speculated her death might be valid, though as she had been missing in the public eye for a while until she made a TV comeback as one of the judges in ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ competition VH1.

The reason for her long hiatus from TV was indeed serious as she became a victim of a stalking incident.

Lisa Robertson’s beauty talents, together with her TV fame, gathered unwanted attention from a stalker who got severe to the point that law enforcement had to be involved after her family safety was also compromised.

A Peter Ferreira was apprehended for harassing Lisa for more than ten years was sentenced to jail.

Amidst the crisis, Lisa also said,

“I think one of the things I needed to learn was who I was without that job because, for 20 years, that’s all I thought about all the time,”

Regarding her decision to take a timeout from her TV career, she is still very active with her design works. Lisa has also confirmed that being away from the camera has helped diffuse the stalking scenario.

Another reason for her death rumor was mentioned in her wiki-bio page where supposedly a different woman by the same name, Lisa Robertson, had died in 2014.

QVC Lisa Robertson’s Net Worth & Salary.

Lisa Robertson’s Net Worth is $7 Million.

There is no denying that Lisa Robertson is a Queen, or at least used to be, since she has announced her exit from the network and possibly her TV career of 20 years. However, her decision seems to have had almost no change in her incredible estimated net worth.

QVC Lisa Robertson’s net worth amount still requires citation, and her salary has not been calculated for the time being.

However, given her perceived net worth and career, we can understand it to be a massive sum. We all know her from her frequent appearances in shows such as ‘Project Runway All Stars’ and ‘The Apprentice.’

She was the creator, designer, and manager behind her line G.I.L.I had a stretched production of fashion, handbags, shoes, jewelry, gifts, and Christmas Décor.

The line sales were so good the first year that it grew by 2000% by the third year, which demonstrates how her massive net worth and salary are a result of her skills and talents.

Lisa Robertson is not married to a husband but dating a boyfriend, Eric McGee.

Lisa Robertson is currently not married and does not have any kids. She is in a dating relationship with her longtime boyfriend, Eric McGee.

Image of Lisa Robertson with her boyfriend Eric McGee

Lisa Robertson with her boyfriend, Eric McGee

The news about Lisa dating Eric came onto the media only after being in a relationship for several months. Even after their relationship was out in the open, Lisa and Eric kept their mouths quiet about their dating life and relationship.

All we know about their relationship is that Lisa is 11 years older than her boyfriend, not that it should matter. Her boyfriend Eric McGee is also a man of mystery, keeping to himself and not revealing any private information to the media.

Age: how old is Lisa Robertson?

Lisa Robertson is currently 56 years old as she was born on 7th November 1975 in Collegedale, Tennessee, USA. So she will be turning 57 years old in November this year.

Wiki-bio, career

Lisa Robertson is a famous fashion designer and TV personality. She has won two prestigious titles of ‘Miss Tennessee’ in 1989 and ‘Miss US Pearl Princess’ in 1990.

The QVC star previously held a retailing career in 1991 with Shop at Home and was also a team member of VIA-TV Home Shopping which she and her team established from the ground-up.

In her bio, Lisa Robertson from QVC has mentioned that she is a talker who likes to travel and understand other people’s cultures and a public spokesperson for various good causes.

Lisa Robertson has also had appearances in various shows like ‘Good Morning America,’ ‘The Anderson Cooper Show,’ ‘The Bethany Frankel Show,’ and ‘The Wendy Williams Show.’


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