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QVC host Antonella Nester wiki: Husband, weight loss, diet plan.

QVC host Antonella Nester's wiki Husband weight loss and diet plan

From being a constant fitness freak to a confident QVC show host, an inspiring intellectual lady burns her calories while laughing humorously for a long time. Antonella Nester being a keen entertainer to her fans, she lives the life as the bold married mother with three kids. The happiness she spreads through her profession makes her the witty lady by nature. Know More about QVC host Antonella Nester’s Husband Chris Nester, Weight loss and diet plan in wiki type biography.

QVC Host Antonella Nester is married to the husband, Chris Nester. 

Every husband adores that enchanting smile of his wife. He finds the cocaine wine enshrining in her eyes. Chris Nester, the husband of Antonella Nester, belongs to a poor family. The hot sweet couples were economically poor, and they used to save money from their daily incomes to buy the gift for each other. The earnings were more than the savings. The Valentine’s Day used to be the most special day they both waited every year.

The husband-wife shares their valentines’ story often. The touching love story of Antonella Nester and husband Chris Nester faced several hardships and Hard work. The story of the gold bracelet and the watch proves their love and care truly for each other. They used to save money from their daily routines and used to give gifts once a year to each other.

Antonella Nester’s Divorce With Husband Chris is Just A Rumor.

The divorce rumors spread wide. Chris and Antonella loved each other very much. Antonella Nester, a 54-year-old diamond dame, is still married. She is blessed with three daughters. The rumors and controversies show huge tantrums on the divorce issue. The media must leak the unnecessary problems widely. But the couple is still happily together.

Antonella Nestor with her husband Chris
Caption:- Antonella Nester with husband, Chris. How adorable they are!

They are blessed with three kids. The three children names include Michael who is 17 years old, Hope who is 15 years old and Philip who is 13 years old cherished and enshrined their life. One of the daughters died due to cancer. Antonella always thought that her children should live their dreams.

Antonella Nestor with her family
Caption:- The perfect family picture.

Now you know Antonella has not divorced from husband Chris, they are rather happily married.

Antonella Nester’s Weight loss and Diet Plan

The fatigue and the yoga are the ones that keep you away from depression. The real tranquillity and harmony capture up to a smart physique in the state of mind. The QVC host, Antonella Nester is very conscious about her fitness. She mentions various weight loss tips in her QVC television shows and Magazines. The reason behind Antonella’s weight loss is twenty-five minutes morning walk without running. The best way is meditation. The diet should be taken at the proper time. The diet should include appropriate healthy food other than those junk meals. In the QVC show, Antonella clearly said about the Isagenix products that she used for weight loss.

The way to live a healthy life is to follow the healthy diet. She includes a list of balanced diet recipes on QVC TV shows. The proper diet plan starts with the black and green coffee each morning. The healthy Italian cuisine without oil recipes is the best diet she takes.

Career and progression

The lady dreamt big. Though late she achieved it. She started her career by selling pencil. No job is high or low. It should be done with epitome Hard work and heart. The brain was drained out when Antonella got rejected in her first two attempts. Life was like a mere poison to her. She lost all the hope and lost the courage to wake again up. The time traveled and played its role. The dream of Antonella was to work at the TV and to conduct her shows at QVC stage.

The medical technology student with her past 17 years of career all shocked up when she failed to achieve her dream. The positive vibes soon followed when her father stood up as the backbone and motivated her in every phase of her life. In 2004, Antonella Nester got her dream job at QVCs headquarters at Studio Park in West Chester.

The progression was at its miracle. The Qvc host kissed the success peak and became the best humor fitness sensation in the USA. This Italy made, and USA born lady keeps her head up as the diamond dame.

Antonella on her QVC show.
Caption:- Antonella on her QVC show.

Antonella Wiki Bio and Age, Ethnicity.

When it is about age, Antonella has perfectly adhered to the fact that age is just about the numbers. She is as active as a twenty-year-old in her fifties.

Name Antonella Nester
Born 1st Jan 1964
Age 54
Sign Capricorn
Husband Chris Nester
Children Three
Career 2004, QVCs Headquarters

Owning the Caucasian ethnicity, she grips the Christianity. We preach some stars who inherits a packet full of talents since they are born, so is this dame, Antonella Nester. The Capricorn lady was born on 1st of January, 1964 in the lap of the Camp Hill. Antonella Nester is 54 years old as of 2018.

She is chased by various nicknames including Antonella M Dagostino and Antonella M Nester. She grew up into a teenage in Lemoyne and then completed her further education in Coatesville. Presently, she dwells in Collegeville.

The fifty-four-year lady is still sharing smiles and laughs. A clown entertains behind those emotions he carries. The comic anarchists are the real role model, and she is one such example. 


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