Meet Brett Favre’s daughters Breleigh Favre and Brittany Favre

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Breleigh and Brittany are two daughters of Brett Favre, the legendary footballer in the NFL tournaments. Brett was a player of great dedication and a positive attitude. He was a charming baseball and football enthusiast from a very young age.

He used to study in the school where his parents were the school teachers. His father was the baseball coach. He used to motivate Brett Favre to play any game; he was interested in. His two of the daughters have also been remarkable in their career. Let’s know about each of them how they are in their personal life, what is their net worth and annual salary, and also about their husband if they are married.

Brittany Favre (Elder daughter of Brett Favre and Deanna Favre): Biography

Brittany Favre, the elder daughter of Brett Favre and Deanna Favre, is an American public prosecutor. But she is known by most of the people around for her father, Brett Favre, who happens to be a former football player. She was born in the year 1989 on the 6th of February. She is born of American nationality, and her ethnic background is white. Her sunshine is Aquarius.

Image of Brett Favre elder daughter Brittany Favre

Brett Favre elder daughter Brittany Favre

She joined the Loyola University law college where she completed her graduation. She graduated in the year 2015. After completion of her studies, she joined a small firm in Hattiesburg, where they stay. She also has a great interest in sports and entertainment law.

Her specialization is also the same. She has also been the part of a TV series documentary titled ‘A Football Life.’ However, Brittany Favre has not yet revealed any information about her average annual salary and net worth at present. She is not active on any social networking platforms.

Her father has been through some controversies in his life, but there is a controversy and rumor heard about Brittany Favre up to the present moment. Her hair shade is light-colored, and her eye tint is blue.

Brittany Favre was pregnant with her first child, Parker Brett when she was still in college. Brittany eventually married the father of the child, Alex Mallion. But the relationship didn’t continue to be good for a long time. They broke up after some couple of years after their marriage. Brittany then tied her knots with Patrick Valkenburg in the year 2011. They have a son from this relationship. They have named their son AJ.

Age 30 (February 6, 1989)
Net worth N/A
Spouse Patrick Valkenburg (m. 2011)
Kids 2 (Parker Brett and AJ)
Occupation Lawyer
Parents Brett Favre (Father)

Deanna Favre (Mother)

Nationality American
Ethnicity White

Breleigh Favre (Younger daughter of Brett Favre and Deanna Favre): Biography

Breleigh Favre is the second daughter to Brett Favre and Deanna Favre. Brett Favre’s younger daughter was born in the year 1999 on the 13th of July. She too has her roots into sports. She is a well-known volleyball player. Breleigh Favre is 20 years old. She has completed her studies from the Oak Grove High School. Being the youngest in the family, she followed her father’s footsteps.

Image of Brett Favre younger daughter Breleigh Favre

Brett Favre younger daughter Breleigh Favre

She is a successful athlete. She happens to be one of the volleyball Star from Mississippi. Breleigh primarily cracked varsity roster in the year 2012. She is an eighth-grader when she first entered into the sport.

Breleigh Favre made her school, the Oak Grove High School proud. She was named as the Lamar time’s pine belt player of that year being one of the seniors. She posted more than 300 kills and around 52 service aces in the final season for the team warriors, and that was certainly a regular academic honor roll associate.

Brett Favre’s younger daughter Breleigh Favre was devoted to playing at the University of Southern Mississippi in the year 2016, and at present, she is a continuing her days as one of the student-athlete. At present, she is continuing her studies as she is majoring in the field of biology.

She is a tall girl. She stands 6 feet tall. Brett is also one of the hitters for the lady warriors. From the information obtained from her profile, she has already appeared in more than 15 matches.

Age 20 (July 13, 1999)
Net worth N/A
Occupation Volleyball Player
Parents Brett Favre (Father)

Deanna Favre (Mother)

Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Image of Brett Favre with his wife Deanna Favre

Brett Favre with his wife Deanna Favre

The elder daughter Brittany Favre is a well-known lawyer in Mississippi and his younger daughter Breleigh Favre is a young but established Volleyball player from Mississippi. Brett Favre lives a life of contentment with his wife Deanna Favre and kids in Hattiesburg with a hefty net worth, which he made in his lifetime.

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