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Brett Favre Net worth. How Much is Brett Favre Worth? 2022

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Brett Favre is one of the football players in the world who holds the total NFL records in his career of passing yards and touchdowns. His career has been remarkably lengthy, and it is highly productive. He has been a former football player and associated with many excellent football teams like Green Bay Packers, Atlanta Falcons, and New York Jets. All these associations were in the National Football League.

 His career has been phenomenal with the team ‘Green Bay Packers.’ He played for the team from the year 1992 up to 2007. He had an attraction towards sports from a very young age. Let’s uncover how his life has been and some of the most exciting facts about Brett Favre’s Net Worth in 2019, his age.

Brett Favre Age and Birth Date

Brett Favre was born in 1969 on the 10th of October in Gulfport, Mississippi, and he is of American nationality. He is now 52 years old.

His father is Irvin Favre, and his mother is Bonita Favre. They were school teachers.

His father was the head coach of the school’s football and always motivated Brett to play well in any game he chose to play.

He was born Bretther Lorenzo Favre and he had three siblings. He had a great inclination towards sports from a very young age. 

Image of Brett Favre with his dad Irvin Favre

Brett Favre with his dad Irvin Favre

Brett Favre Net Worth in 2022 is $110 Million.

The estimated net worth of Brett Favre is almost around $110 Million. This net worth was from his long-running football career, which he started very early. 

Image of American football Quaterback, Brett Favre net worth is $100 million

American football Quarterback, Brett Favre net worth is $110 million

As Brett Favre has played for various teams, his average annual salary differed from group to section.

While he was playing for the Falcons, they were paying him $260,000; when he played for the packers, he was getting around $310,0090 as an annual salary.

Career Info that gave Brett Favre $110 Million Net Worth.

The journey of Brett Favre’s educational journey started at the Hancock North Central High School. He was on the school’s baseball team, but he played baseball and football very well. 

After completing high school, he got a scholarship from Southern Mississippi University. In his first year of the university, he played ten games and won six of them.

 Brett graduated from the university with a particular degree emphasizing special education. But in the meantime, he met with a severe car accident.  Afterwards, he was advised to cut short this career in sports. But he took less time to recover from the trauma and was seen playing his favorite sport. 

He first got drafted into the Atlanta Falcons team in the year 1991. He was with the Atlanta team for only one season. Then, he joined the green bay team in the year 1992.

Image of American Football Player, Brett Favre

American Football Player, Brett Favre

Favre helped the green bay team in the first year of 1992 to win a six-game streak.

He also got a nickname, Pro bowl, added to his name in the same year. In the same year, he got the preliminary 400-yard passing game of his career.

He moved on to lead the Packers to an 11 on five records in the forthcoming years. In 1995, he also achieved 4,413 yards, 38 touchdowns, and a record quarterback score of 99.5.

in the year 1996, he achieved to complete 14 of the 27 passes for almost 246 yards and two touchdowns.

And 2007, the Packers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs by 33-22. In this match, Favre was the only 3rd quarterback to have whitewashed all the other 31 of the current NFL teams.

He led his team to win a 37-296 against the Lions the same year.

In the year 2008, Brett Favre announced his retirement. Though, he still came to play for the team New York Jets and then for the Minnesota Vikings.

And suddenly, after that, he faced some health issues. He had to stop playing by the end of 2011 completely.

Brett Favre’s accomplishments

Brett Favre has his name associated with some of the most prestigious records.

He was recognized as the associated press’s most valuable player, also known as MVP three times in his career. The first was in 1995, and this trend continued for two years consecutively, i.e., 1996 and 1997.

Brett Favre also holds a number of the NFL records including:

  • Most pass touchdowns – 508.
  • Most Pass yards – 71,838.
Age 52 (October 10, 1969)
Net worth $110 Million
Spouse Deanna Favre
Kids 2 (Breleigh and Brittany)
Occupation Footballer
Parents Irvin Favre (Father)

Bonita Favre(Mother)

Nationality American
Ethnicity American


Brett Favre is undoubtedly one of the great players the world has ever seen. He was dedicated to the team and was the key player of any team he played for.

He lives a happy post-retired life with his wife Deanna Favre and has almost $110 million net worth.

Image of Brett Favre with his wife Deanna Favre

Brett Favre with his wife, Deanna Favre

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