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Margaret Anne Williams Age, Wiki-Bio, Facts about Geoffrey Zakarian’s wife. 2022

Image of Margaret Anne Williams Age, Wiki-Bio, Facts about Geoffrey Zakarian's wife.

Foodists worldwide have often said that marriage in Hollywood is considered a success if it outlasts milk. Margaret Anne Williams married a restauranteur and executive chef, Geoffrey Zakarian.

We tend to think she’s not oblivious to this quote since her marriage has been blissful and outlasted some milk factories. So how does she manage it at her age? Here are five facts about Geoffrey Zakarian’s wife, Margaret Anne Williams.

Margaret is two decades younger than her husband.

Age is usually a deal-breaker to most couples, especially when two lovers are born in different generations. However, this pair went straight ahead with their age difference and surprisingly made it work.

Geoffrey Zakarian is twenty years older than his wife – a time frame equal to breaking most bottled time capsules. Even their marriage is yet to surpass that time gap between them. Williams was born in 1979, while her husband was born in 1959.

Image of Margaret Anne Williams husband Geoffrey Zakarian

Margaret Anne Williams’ husband, Geoffrey Zakarian

Stereotypes would have probably flagged her out on account of marrying him for his money. Nevertheless, this is hardly the case considering she is just as successful as he is in her field. More on that later.

Margaret Anne Williams is the mother of three.

However, Geoffrey Zakarian and Margaret Anne Williams’ wedding was the year’s talk in 2005. It was not as glamorous as the royal wedding but pulled off some stats of its own. Undocumented in history books is the story of how they met.

It was a private ceremony held at Our Lady of Lebanon Roman Catholic Church in Niagara Falls, New York. Rev. John F. Lauri officiated the event in both families, relatives, and only close friends.

Image of Margaret Anne Williams with their kids

Margaret Anne Williams with their kids

Geoffrey Zakarian and his wife Margaret Anne Williams have three kids to show for it. The firstborn was named Madeline, with Anna and George Harris following suit. They consummated their marriage, with their love growing stronger each day.

She is Geoffrey’s second wife.

If it doesn’t succeed, try and try again, or so they say. The famous chef was quite experienced in the typical marriage scenario since he had already married before Margaret. It could explain why his second is successful because he already learned the ropes of what not to do.

Geoffrey Zakarian married Heather Karaman but didn’t have any kids with her. It looks like they weren’t both happy about each other in their union that they finalized the divorce. No one knows where she went, as her life doesn’t revolve around the media.

Sources say she was a psychotherapist, while others have dubbed her single until now. The cause of the split is also unknown, as both parties would not share the information.

She’s pretty learned and holds an executive position in Marketing at 3Sixty Hospitality.

The mother of three got her college education and graduated from The University of New York. It is unclear what she majored in at the University, but an educated guess would point to a business-related course.

It is unclear when her career kick-started since she is a reserved woman. However, we do know where it has reached. As the title suggests, she’s the marketing executive at 3Sixty Hospitality.

For those who might not be aware, it’s the firm that owns the restaurant and club Lotus, as well as Double Seven, a cocktail lounge. All the above are based in New York and are one of the elite refreshment centers in Manhattan.

Her family owns a construction company.

The marketing executive had a role model to guide her in the career path she chose – dad. Margaret Anne Williams’ dad is Mr. Francis M. Williams, whereas her mom is Mrs. Marie Williams. Together they own Kimmins Contracting. It’s a demolition and construction company based in Tampa, Florida, where she grew up.

Her dad, who handles most of the work, serves as the chairman and chief executive of the company. We can tell she had a very happy childhood growing up with the latest revelation of her family’s assets. Though currently under review right now, we can estimate that her net worth should be in the millions bar.

Wiki-bio and Summary

Name Margaret Anne Williams
Age 42
Date of Birth 1979
Place of Birth Tampa, Florida
Profession Marketing Executive
Net worth Under review
Husband Geoffrey Zakarian
Kids Madeline, Anna and George Harris
Father Francis M. Williams
Mother Marie Williams

Most of her life has been concealed by the media focusing more on her famous husband, Geoffrey Zakarian. Information on her early life and exact date of birth is also unknown. Determining details like her star sign and same age will prove a challenge.

Her kids are also under her protection from the mainstream’s microscope. We hope to know more about them soon as they grow up.

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