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Geoffrey Zakarian Net Worth, Age, Wife, Ex-wife Heather Karaman, Gay, Kids 2022

Image of Geoffrey Zakarian Net Worth, Age, Wife, Ex-wife Heather Karaman, Gay, Kids

Some people can get inside a kitchen and whip up a good meal.

However, in as much as their food gets praised, this doesn’t necessarily make them chefs. Instead, they are mere cooks.

A chef is an advanced cook who studied the culinary art. Today, we get to look at one of New York’s most exceptional Iron chef and restaurateur, Geoffrey Zakarian.

Find out how much he makes in regards to annual salary, net worth, wife, as well as his age, married life and gay rumors here.

Geoffrey Zakarian’s Net Worth is $7 Million in 2022.

Looking at the list of some of the highest-paid chefs in America, he fits right in the top 20. More precisely, he sits at position 17.

Geoffrey Zakarian boasts of a net worth of $7 million with most of it coming from his advanced culinary skills and business.

The word restauranteur used to mean opening and running a restaurant professionally.

Nowadays, it refers to anyone who owns a restaurant. The top-notch chef couldn’t be left out either.

He works as the executive chef at several excellent dining places in Manhattan, Miami, and Atlantic City earning a salary of $33,000 a year.

Image of Geoffrey Zakarian net worth is $6 million
Geoffrey Zakarian net worth is $7 million

Part of his bank cheque deposits also come from his time on television.

The Iron chef has appeared in different television programs such as The Next Iron Chef, Chopped, The Kitchen, The Chew and many more.

Did you notice how the shows incline towards his area of expertise?

Another source of income to add to Geoffrey Zakarian’s net worth is through his work as an author. He wrote Geoffrey Zakarian’s Town/ Country and Life Around the Table which has gotten great reception.

You may have guessed it too as the book is a source for tons of recipes which he has perfected over the years.

Geoffrey Zakarian Married to wife, Margaret Anne Williams.

It’s true that the grass is greener where you water it. However, the chef has been doing more than that.

It has been over 13 years since he got married to his current wife, Margaret Anne Williams and it has been fantastic.

There have been no reported cases of extra-marital affairs or even rumors that would otherwise split the couple up.

Image of Geoffrey Zakarian with his wife Margaret Anne Williams.
Geoffrey Zakarian with his wife Margaret Anne Williams.

The pair recited their marriage vows in front of an ordained minister, and Reverent of God named John F. Lauri.

The auspicious occasion only got marked with their family and close friends in attendance.

If you were neither of that, then you had to wait for their marriage pictures on tabloids and other news articles.

Furthermore, it was at Our Lady of Lebanon Roman Catholic church situated in Niagara Falls, New York.

You can find her high ranked at 3 Sixty Hospitality as the marketing executive of the company.

Aside from her husband’s net worth and fortune, she’s also built her legacy with the company.

The firm owns some well-known clubs like Lotus found in major cities and Double Seven, a cocktail lounge located in the city that never sleeps, New York.

His married life and divorce from ex-wife Heather Karaman.

He may be happy now, but this was not always the case for his life in marriage.

Before Margaret, he was the husband to another. It may have started off from love but his presence in matrimony with his ex-wife, Heather Karaman ended quite disastrous.

The cause of separation has yet been revealed. At this point, we doubt the reasons for their divorce will surface.

After all, the chef has another family and kids to think about. Both have been private on the matter.

Since the divorce, his ex-wife has more or less disappeared from the media.

Information on her whereabouts are now at the mercy of the IRS, and maybe the FBI should the need arises.

The only information on her is that she is a psychotherapist in New York and was married to the chef for ten years. However, some sources indicate that she is single.

Meet Geoffrey Zakarian Children.

His marriage to his ex-wife, Heather had nothing to show for it.

However, his current marriage to the love of his life ended up fruitful with kids.

Combine efforts from both parents through their net worth, and they have enough to feed and sustain their three kids, Madeline, Anna and George Harris.

Image of Geoffrey Zakarian daughter (Madeline, and Anna)
Geoffrey Zakarian daughter (Madeline, and Anna)

The family is often seen hanging out together, bonding and strengthening their ties at restaurants, and other cook-offs. Over thirteen years, and they are still romantic.

How old is Geoffrey Zakarian? His age, Birthdate

The famous chef made his debut into the world in July 25th, 1959, blessing the lives of his father and mother.

Quick math should give you his age in 2022 at 62 years old. His Zodiac sign is that of Leo.

Geoffrey Zakarian Gay rumors.

It is quite obnoxious of someone to mention that the TV personality is gay considering he has stood at the altar twice with two women.

However, since it is 2022 where everything is possible, we cannot dissipate the allegations.

The closest inclination to anything gay with the chef is when he attended the Gay Men’s Health Crisis named Savor.

Otherwise, his marriage with Kids pretty much points out his sexual orientation as a straight man.


Name Geoffrey Zakarian
Age 62
Date of Birth July 25th,1959
Place of Birth Worcester, Massachusetts
Profession TV personality, Professional chef, Restauranteur
Net worth $7 million
Marital Status Married to Margaret Anne Williams
Kids 3
Height 5’11’’

 Born in Worcester, Massachusetts to his musician father, George, and mother, Viola was the best thing that ever happened to them

Who can forget his two siblings Virginia and brother also named George? The Worcester native has a degree in Economics from the Worcester State University which he pursued right after his graduation from Burncoat High School.

However, something didn’t feel quite right, and he opted to join the CIA. Not the FBI kind but the Culinary Institute of America in New York where he learned everything about the kitchen and cuisines.


It has been a long journey for Geoffrey Zakarian at age 62 – surviving lawsuits from the current president and battling divorce with his ex-wife.

It is incredible that after all this, he has managed to pull off an impressive net worth figure and raise three kids with his new wife.

The gay rumor is new, even for him.


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