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Manny Khoshbin Net Worth, House, Cars 2022

Manny Khosbin is a real estate mogul and president of the Khoshbin Company which acquires commercial properties in distressed markets and repositions them. Khoshbin, also known as the ‘world’s richest and fittest guys’ in social circles, is also an exotic car collector. Manny Khoshbin has also ventured into other businesses that according to him, give him a challenge. Khoshbin has also written a book called the Manny Khoshbin Contrarian Playbook. He has also appeared in a magazine that focuses on exotic cars called the heavy hitter’s magazine.


Khoshbin has invested heavily in real estate which happens to be his main source of income.Even though exact statistics are not fully availed, Khoshbin’s net worth is estimated at $46 million according to the latest statistics.Given that he has an eye for profitable assets in all markets and a huge presence in 6 states in the U.S, his net worth is estimated to be on an upward trend.

Manny Khoshbin's net worth is huge
Manny Khoshbin’s source of income is from his Khoshbin company

Manny Khoshbin’s  source of income is in real estate investments. With the Khoshbin company as the parent company, it has a huge presence in 6 U.S states with a real estate portfolio of over 2,000,000 square feet. Khoshbin also guides real estate companies in their day to day operations with a direct link to their acquisitions and depositions. Khoshbin estimated annual income stands at $30 million. Although Manny Khoshbin considers real estate to be his anchor business, he has ventured in other business ventures and being an entrepreneur he likes to face new challenges in the business world.

House, Cars and other properties

Khoshbin owns and is the president of the Khoshbin Company. Regardless of owning several cars and houses, the  $10 million house in Newport stands out as one of his greatest acquisitions, though it’s for sale.

In 2011, Khosbin also wrote a book titled Manny Khoshbin’s Contrarian Playbook.


Having an eye for the most profitable assets and ventures in all markets, Khoshbin’s net worth has been increasing over the years. His income is expected to increase every year owing to the fact that the Khoshbin Company’s returns are on an upward trend






















With an ever increasing net worth, at a young age for a millionaire Khoshbin lives the life on the fast lane. He has appeared in several TV shows and is married to a model while his love for cars has earned him a spot at the 2013 edition of the hitter’s magazine, a magazine which covers exotic cars. In addition to that, he lives in a $10 million dollar house.Manny Khosbin is not afraid to share his secret to being a millionaire, and he does that through his inspirational book called the many Khoshbin Contrarian Playbook: “How to build your $100 million Real Estate Portfolio From The Ground Up”.


Manny Khoshbin was born on 14th January 1971 in Iran. He is married to Leyla Milani. They have a daughter called Pricilla Khoshbin.His Canadian-Iranian wife is a model, fashion designer, TV host and an actress.Books: MannyKhoshbin’s Contrarian PlayBook.

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