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Jordan McGraw Net Worth, Wife, Girlfriend, Age of Dr. Phil’s son. 2022

Image of Jordan McGraw Net Worth, Wife, Girlfriend, Age of Dr. Phil's son

Meet Jordan McGraw. He is the youngest son of the popular TV Personality and psychologists, Dr. Phil. It is no wonder he has been on the limelight for years now. If you know the handsome guy, you know that he is much like his father but other than this, could you explain Jordan McGraw’s net worth and career. There has been confusion on Dr. Phil’s son is single, dating or married. Don’t be left in the dark. Get to know of Jordan McGraw’s girlfriend, wife or marital status to be precise as well as general aspects about his life.

Is Dr. Phil’s son Jordan McGraw married to a wife or dating a girlfriend?

Jordan McGraw is not married to a wife but dating a girlfriend. In the year 2011, there were tales that Dr. Phil’s son was dating a girlfriend Crystal Harris. While the two did not deny their relationship, they explained it was a music based relationship. This is because while Jordan at that time was a songwriter, Crystal, on the other hand, was signed in the same label as the celebrated TV personality son. The rumors capsized once Crystal got married to Hugh Hefner (an American businessman).

Last year while people were not expecting, the young man revealed Marissa Jack as his current girlfriend. Marissa was also a singer from Phoenix, and the two met in 2012 due to their passion for music. Early this year (2018) Phil’s son and Jack broke their 6-year relationship. The reason behind the break up is yet to be provided.

Image of Jordan Mcgraw with his girlfriend Ragan Wallake
Jordan Mcgraw with his girlfriend Ragan Wallake

If you are his follower on Instagram, then you have noticed the pictures of the lovely lady (Ragan Wallake) that she has been posting. Speculations are that she is Jordan McGraw’s girlfriend. However, no single information is known about the pretty lady. Whatever the case, we hope she is the girl to be married by the celebrities son.

Jordan McGraw Net Worth is $1.5 Million.

Apart from being in the limelight because of his father’s popularity, Phil’s son is popular because of his indulgence in music. In case you did not know, music is the primary source of the young man. His main sources of income in music emanated from guitar playing, singing, songwriting and being a vocalist. Jordan McGraw’s net worth is $1.5 Million as hefty as that of his father. The salary whether annually or monthly is not provided but will be updated before you even know it guys.

Image of Jordan Mcgraw net worth is $1.5 million
Jordan Mcgraw net worth is $1.5 million

Jordan McGraw career, education

Not much is known about the songstress high school education, but in relation to the college, there is mention of his presence in Purdue University. With regards to music, he began playing his guitar at the age of 15. Organica Music Group (OMG) signed him as their main songwriter in 2010. This opened an opportunity for the singer to work with various artists including but not limited to Crystal Harris and Margo Rey.

In 2005, he was successful enough to establish his own band (Upside) which has grown to be popular because of their song ‘Love me like the Weekend’ whose first release was on 2015. He was the lead guitarist in band stars earthed in Los Angeles, California from 2011-2015. From here, Dr. Phil’s son joined Hundred Handed music group where he was the vocalist. The group parted in 201 allowing each of the members to grow independently and produce singles as they have done.

Jordan McGraw wiki-bio, age

The great vocalist was born on 21st October 1986. Meaning, Jordan is about to celebrate his 32nd birthday this year (2018). He is the brother of Jay McGraw and of course the son of Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw. Jordan is an American by birth and also holds the American nationality.

He is yet to provide his body measurements to the media, but from his pictures, you can tell that he is blessed with that good and perfect height. To find out more about his life, consider following him on his Instagram and Twitter handles. Although the guitarist has been in various relationships, he does not have a child of his own which shows how responsible he has been in his relationships. However, he is willing to familiarize you with all his children once they are here.

Image of Jordan Mcgraw height


NamesJordan McGraw
Birthdate21st October 1986
Net worth$1.5 million
Marital StatusMay be dating Ragan Wallake
SiblingsJay McGraw
Body MeasurementsNot known

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