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Debbie Higgins Mccall Death, Cause of Death, Married life, wiki bio of Dr. Phil Mc Graws’ wife from first marriage. 2022

Image of Debbie Higgins Mccall Death, Cause of Death, Married life, wiki bio of Dr. Phil Mc Graws' wife from first marriage.

You probably know her through her ex-husband Philip Calvin McGraw because she is everything in Dr. Phil McGraw’s first marriage. Yes, the great Dr. Phil who rose to fame in the 1990’s as a result of Oprah Winfrey. You would agree more that if you are the husband or wife to a celebrity, it is common to be known to the public as soon as possible. Such was however not the case for Phil McGraw’s ex-wife Debbie Higgins who is currently resting in peace. According to Debbie, there must be a concrete reason for this. Is this concrete reason the reason behind their divorce? And what caused Debbie Higgins death anyway?

Debbie Higgins is Phil McGraw’s ex-wife. Know about their married life, divorce and kids

It was at Southridge Presbyterian Church earthed in Roeland Park, Kan where Dr. Phil McGraw’s first marriage went down on 27th November 1970. They were one of those young couples as they married while they were both aged 20. Unfortunately, Dr. Phil McGraw’s first marriage only lasted for three years because the two officially signed their divorced papers in 1973. According to Debbie, the reason behind their failed marriage is attributed to Dr. Phil himself.

This is because the two had occasionally tackled a plethora of infidelity cases within their first three years of marriages and when she could not handle it anymore she decided that they should part ways. The most interesting thing is that when confronted about the issue, the star did not deny the allegations. In fact, he argued that it was something normal in this current era.

Image of Dr. Phil McGraw’s with his wife Robin Jo Jameson

Dr. Phil McGraw’s with his wife, Robin Jo Jameson

There was no bond left between the two because they separated without any children of their own hence close to minimal meet-ups after the divorce. Before, the completion of the divorce process, however, Dr. Phil had already begun dating Robin Jo Jameson (Robin McGraw)- a clear indication that he was not into his first wife. There have been no cases of Phil McGraw’s ex-wife Debbie Higgins dating or marrying another man since their divorce with McGraw.

Debbie Higgin’s Death and cause of death. how did she die

Recent news is that Higgins has visited the maker. Like her secret life not much is known about Debbie Higgins death be it regarding the actual date when she died and the exact cause of her death. It could be she was ailing but don’t you think before her demise this would have been known? Or she just died a natural death? Knowing her maybe it was her will that information about her death should be kept secret. You will be updated on Debbie Higgins death once we have the correct information from trusted sources. Therefore, it is better if you keep it here if you do not want to be left behind the news.

Her wiki-bio and facts

Dr. Phil McGraw’s ex-wife was not a social person. She did not own any social media pages. Maybe she preferred to live a secret life just like she was a secret wife or that was that’s just her nature, who knows? The little that is known is that her birthplace was the United States of America. She was an American by nationality and concerning her ethnic community, Debbie was white. Although she was first mentioned in public in late 2002, she immensely became famous in 2013 due to her editorial skills in Demon Hunters: Fear the silence. Before then, she had also done great edits in Christy Mathewson’s Day in 2011.

Besides editing which was her primary area of professionalism, Debbie was a high school cheerleader, and she also owned a liquor store based in Kansas City. Higgins net worth is not known to the broader public. Speculations are that the net worth of Dr. Phil McGraw’s ex-wife Debbie Higgins must be in the form of millions as she lived a somewhat comfortable life without the help of any man.

Image of Debbie Higgins ex-wife of Dr phil McGraw

Debbie Higgins ex-wife of Dr. Phil McGraw

Her face color was white, her eyes light brown and her hair blonde- beautiful in every aspect. If given a chance to describe her, kindly call her a wise and independent woman. This is because even when Dr. Phil McGraw’s first marriage with her did not work out, and when she was not recognized, until very late she did not make any scandals but worked towards bettering herself.

Facts about Phils McGraw’s First  Wife Debbie Higgins.

Birthdate Unknown
Birthplace United States Of America
Marital status Married 1970- Dr. Phil McGraw

Divorced 1973

Children None
Professionalism Editor
Ethnicity White
Nationality American
Complexion White
Hair Blonde
Body measurements Not known
Cause of death Not known

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