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Barnwood Builder Graham Ferguson family, wife, net worth, age, wiki-bio

Perhaps the biggest draw to the DIY Networks surprise hit, the Barnwood builders, is how down to earth the cast are. They are like a band of brothers, with the type of chemistry that is impossible to replicate unless it is genuine. Audiences resonate with the show and its cast because it features real people leading real lives. This is a departure from what we have usually come to expect from reality television.

Graham Ferguson is undoubtedly a fan favorite.  Know more about Barnwood Builder Graham Ferguson’s family.

Graham Ferguson Barnwood Builders Net worth.

According to various reports, Graham Ferguson’s net worth and salary remain undisclosed and under review as of now. But due to his popularity on the show, we can draw the conclusion that the builder has been compensated for his time on screen. Prior to his stint on the show, Ferguson was a landscaper.

Image of Barnwood Builders cast Graham Ferguson net worth is not available
Barnwood Builders cast Graham Ferguson net worth is not available

according to the Bureau of labor and statistics, landscapers make an average of $30,400 per year. While not as glamorous as other high paying professions, we can deduce that his time in the landscaping business helped get his net worth to where it is presently.

Career info.

Before he was brought on to the show, Ferguson was an independent landscaper, working in Summers County. His relationship with Mark Bowe is what got him on the show, Barnwood Builders. Both of their kids attended the same school in Lewisburg. It was not until 2013 that he was brought on to the show. Bowe had asked him to help out for a week or two as he was in desperate need of his expertise.

A week turned into months, and he just kept working. The talented landscaper did not mind as he really enjoyed working with Sherman, another crew member. Ferguson was officially introduced to the audience as ‘the rookie’ and has been a regular ever since.

Image of Graham Ferguson from Barnwood Builders show
Graham Ferguson from Barnwood Builders show

On the show, some of Ferguson’s special skills including dealing with dangerous reptiles like snakes. He prefers to capture them and set them free, rather than killing them.

The highlight of Graham’s stint on the show was his work at the Boy Scout lodge. Instead of working for a single individual as they always did, they worked for an entire community this time. By the end, they had formed a bond with the kids.

Graham Ferguson Married to wife? Who is Shannon Murphy?

We can confirm that the talented landscaper Graham Ferguson is not married at this point. He is, however, dating a girlfriend named Shannon Murphy. From everything we could gather, Sharon likes to spend most of her time volunteering and doing community service.

Like her better half, she remains an enigma as there isn’t much information out there about her. Graham Ferguson Barnwood Builders also has a sixteen-year-old daughter with another unnamed woman. Like we mentioned before, the builder lives a relatively private life, preferring to stay far away from the spotlight.

Graham Ferguson  Barnwood Builders Family, Age, Parents, wiki-bio.

Full nameGraham  Ferguson
Date of BirthUnknown
Place of BirthSummers County, West Virginia, USA
ProfessionLandscaper, Reality TV star
Net worthUnder review
PartnerShannon Murphy
Zodiac SignN/A

As mentioned before, there isn’t much information out there about Graham Ferguson. What we can say with certainty is that he hails from Summers County, in West Virginia. Like most of the cast, he came to appreciate the value of hard work by toiling on his family’s farm. Graham’s further taught him the virtue of hard work, and it is a lesson he continues to pass on to his daughter every day.


Barnwood Builders Graham Ferguson is not your stereotypical redneck. He is soft spoken, kind and friendly. The Barnwood Builders would not be the same without him.

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