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Brian Buckner Barnwood Builder’s Death Rumors. Here’s the Fact. 2022

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From his appearance, perhaps you would not be able to tell that Brian Buckner Barnwood is one of the kindest souls who graced our television screens. If you are a fan of the DIY Network, then this is something you can attest to.

Underneath his imposing frame and bearded face are a heart like no other. It has made Brian Buckner a fan favorite on the Network. In this article, we will look at his life, net worth, and bio. Is the builder married? Does he have any children? We will also address the rumors surrounding Brian Buckner Barnwood Builder’s death.

What happened to Brian Buckner on Barnwood Builders?

After the third season of the show Barnwood Builders aired, fans noticed that Brian Buckner was nowhere to be seen. As expected, rumors began to swirl around, desperately trying to explain his absence.

They ranged from a possible illness of some kind to the extreme, his demise. The latter was backed up by an obituary doing rounds on the web. It was that of a 35-year-old deceased man who also shared Brian Warren Buckner’s name.

Brian Buckner - Wikipedia

His passing was thought to be brought about by health-related issues in 2018. But we can confirm that this is not the same person. Brian, the builder, is, in fact, alive and kicking. It is more likely that the producers, for reasons unbeknownst to us, decided to drop him from the show. So we can put the rumors about his death to bed.

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Brian Buckner’s Net worth and Salary

According to reports, Brian Buckner’s net worth is currently under review. This is not surprising considering that the builder leads a relatively private life. There isn’t much information about him, save for the tidbits we have been privy to during his seven-episode stint on the show.

However, we also know that Buckner is a practicing construction worker. This was his bread and butter before his brief foray into reality television. On average, it is reported that construction workers in America earn an average annual wage of $31,944.

Anna Paquin, Nathan Parsons, Brian Buckner, Anna Camp, Deborah Ann Woll, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Nelsan Ellis, Rutina Wesley, Carrie Preston, Chris Bauer, Kristin Bauer van Straten - Brian Buckner Photos - Zimbio

Their salaries usually range typically from $17,162 to $51,351, depending on experience. If the Barnwood Builders has taught us anything, it is that Buckner knows his stuff.

So we can safely deduce that he falls under the higher end of this spectrum. If we also factor in the money, he earned from his experience on the show. Then we can also conclude that he is doing just fine regarding net worth.

Brian Buckner Career

As mentioned earlier, Buckner leads a relatively private life. There isn’t just enough information out there on him. But the one thing that constantly seems to pop up is that Buckner is a log cabin expert.

It landed him his job at Antique Cabins and Barns. This renowned company is located in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, in the United States. They have their roots engraved deep into the state, helping rebuild various old cabins across Pennsylvania. Brian also worked as a supplier for Mark Bowe, a regular on the show.

Image of Brian Buckner from Barnwood Builders show

Brian Buckner from Barnwood Builders show

Bowe’s company essentially purposed to acquire run-down barns and log cabins and reuse the hand-hewn logs in new projects. Buckner was an essential part of the team at the time.

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Brian has been part of the show since it first aired on the 1st of November, 2013. The builder would stay on the Network for two seasons of the show. Fans instantly found themselves drawn to him. Buckner was charming, funny, and beyond everything else, kind. His clown-like persona was quickly the best part of the show. Despite all this, he was cut for its third season.

Brian Buckner’s wife. Is he married?

This is, unfortunately, another question we could not answer. As we mentioned earlier, Buckner leads a relatively private life. The builder also has no social media activity, so we could not find any pictures of his family.

Brian Buckner Age, Parents, Family, Siblings, wiki-bio, facts.

Full name Brian Buckner
Age Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Place of Birth Unknown
Profession Builder/ reality tv star
Net worth Undisclosed
Wife N/A
Kids N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Unknown

As you can see, there is not much information to go in regards to one Brian Buckner. Even in the age of social media, Barnwood Builder Brian Buckner has managed to fly entirely under the radar. All we can offer are what his former cast members and fans have used to describe him: funny, kind, gentle, and hardworking. He is a man with a passion for construction.


Even though he only lasted two seasons on the show Barnwood builders, Brian Buckner is a name that will live long on fans’ lips.

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